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MyExcelOnline Podcast Interview

14 December, 2016

Last week Danielle Stein Fairhurst was interviewed by John Michaloudis for his very popular MyExcelOnline Podcast.  During the interview they chat about what it means to be a financial modeller, Danielle's upcoming book "Financial Modeling in Excel for Dummies", ModelOff Financial Modelling Championships, and online training.

Here are some things mentioned in the podcast:

  • Danielle's Favourite Keyboard Shortcuts: CTRL + Z to go back or undo
  • Excel Tip: Mixed References for Formulas and do not over complicate things
  • Function: SUMIF and SUMIFS
  • Excel Add-Ins: Power Query and Power Pivot
  • Online Learning Resource: Excel blogs and newsletters

Listen to the episode here, and it contains a very special coupon discount code for Financial Modelling in Excel online training.



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