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Testimonials for "Budgeting and Forecasting in Excel"

The practical exercises were great and the presenter was very knowledgeable

Budgeting and Forecasting in Excel, Sydney, June 2015

Financial Accountant, Accounting Industry

The course was extremely practical and informative and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It is very useful course for those wanting to improve and streamline budget or forecast models using Excel.  Excellent notes and template models were provided for reference.

Sydney, July 2011

Assistant Accountant, Mining and Engineering

An excellent combination of technical and practical applications to financial forecasting, control and budgeting.

Sydney, July 2011

Director, Building & Construction

I attended a financial modelling course run by Danielle, which I found to be extremely useful and thoroughly enjoyable. Danielle has an in depth knowledge of financial modelling concepts, and is an expert for all things to do with Excel. Additionally, she is a wonderful trainer, and through her course, I was able to learn many useful concepts/excel tips and tricks to assist me with my work.

Sydney, June 2011

Equities, Financial Services

Danielle is a subject matter expert on financial modelling and the course delivered an excellent mix of theoretical and technical knowledge.”  Thank you! 


Sydney, March 2011


Business Intelligence Manager at University of Technology, Sydney

I learnt lots!!!!

Budgeting & Forecasting In-house, Melbourne, May 2011

The workshop was broad based and it was not too crowded which allowed for individual attention.  The presenter has an articulate, broad depth of knowledge.

Budgeting and Forecasting in Excel, Sydney, May 2015

Business Analyst, Electrical

"Explanations were clear and thorough."


I liked learning the different techniques and best practices in Budgeting and Forecasting while using Excel. Likewise, obtaining a lot of financial model samples that I can use as a reference in the workplace.  The presenter is highly organised with great presentation skills.

Budgeting and Forecasting in Excel, Sydney, May 2015

Accounting Professional

The course was excellent and at no time did I start to count ceiling tiles! The course was well paced and addressed the issues of all students.  The presenter kept everything moving (something a lot fail to do!)

Budgeting and Forecasting in Excel, Melbourne, August 2014


I really liked that we had to work out problems without any hints first.  The course was very useful - as well as small, handy hints, we also covered high level strategies for modelling.  Thank you!

Analyst, Pharmaceutical Industry

"Well structured course, covered the right amount of depth of material, presenter was interested in what she was presenting (more like passionate!)."


The course provided me with plenty of new skills and techniques to apply to budgeting and forecasting.

Budgeting and Forecasting in Excel, Brisbane, May 2014

Business and Project Management, Consulting Industry

Overall I thought the course was good! Good presenter, clearly passionate about the subject with a wealth of experience. The presenter was engaging and kept the discussion rolling.  Could pause on steps when working through examples.

Manufacturing Industry

Amazing course, highly recommended!

Budgeting and Forecasting in Excel, Sydney, October 2015

Operations Business Administrator, Energy

I now have a new appreciation of using Excel for financial analysis.  I'm really looking forward to applying what I have learnt back at work!

Singapore, Oct 2010

Accounting Manager, State Power, Manila

The workshop was hands on with great notes.  The presenter was full of knowledge and happy to assist!

Budgeting and Forecasting in Excel, Sydney, June 2015

Finance Office, Government Department

The workshop was very knowledgeable & accomodative.  Presenter was very good, they even showed us charting skills and the materials provided were very thorough.  I will be using the skills I learnt at work.

Budgeting and Forecasting in Excel, Sydney, July 2013

Banking Industry

"The trainer ... ensures that you understand the subject under discussion, the related best and bad practices and uses live exercises so that practical experience is obtained."

Dubai, UAE, February 2013

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Senior Manager, Financial Services, Saudi Arabia

"The course covered a variety of topics and to a good depth, spanning all abilities. I like the way Danielle is so passionate about what she does. She can engage with people from all cultures."

Bruce McIntosh, Project Manager

Fabulous presenter, very animated and easy to listen to.  I particularly liked the use of cartoons and humourous examples as they helped keep the course interesting.  It was never boring, and I learned a lot of useful things!

Bookkeeper, Medical Research

The presenter was flexible and professional.

Budgeting and Forecasting in Excel, Melbourne, August 2013

Business Banking Officer, Banking Industry

Patient, knowledgeable and helpful teacher.  She was very responsive to individual needs, and even covered some concepts outside the scope of the course.

Analyst, Medical Research

The presenter was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Budgeting and Forecasting in Excel, Melbourne, September 2015

Finance Officer, Not for Profit

This course surpassed my expections - keep up the good work - this course was really worth it!

Singapore, Oct 2010

Finance Manager, State Power, Manila