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I particularly liked the what-if analysis and getting a better general understanding of the capability of Excel 2007/2010.  This is one of the better advanced Excel training courses I have attended!

Resources Controller, Exxaro Australia Sands, Perth,  March 2011.

What-if analysis

Breaking the standard mould of using Excel to make it look much more stylish than commonly seen.  Generosity of information and post course support. Well prepared material.

Advanced Excel and Dashboards, Sydney, May 2015

Financial Strategy

This course was very helpful.  Thank you Danielle, you're a genius and a guru!

Sydney, July 2011

Procurement Analyst

The Tips and Tricks in Excel were the best thing about the workshop, these are the things you don't have time to play around with at work.

The presenter used body language and different speech patterns to keep my attention throughout the day, she was very engaging with the class.

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel, Sydney, March 2014

Service Level Analyst, Tertiary Education

It was great to have a refresher and to learn more skills. I recommend this course to all staff!

Essential Excel for Business Administration (In-house), Sydney, Feb 2016

Tertiary Education

Thank you for a highly valuable training day.

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel, Sydney, June 2015

Assistant Management, Gaming

Great to see the range of things possible in Excel!

Budgeting and Forecasting in Excel, Sydney, June 2015

National Program Director, Not for Profit

The presenter was very easy to talk to and was able to explain in layman's terms.

Sydney, May 2012

Banking Industry Professional

The course was very worthwhile!

Financial Modelling Masterclass, Auckland, Sept 2011

Finance Partner, Banking

I learnt many new things and the material on the usb is great for future reference. The presenter was very knowledgeable and approachable.  Lunch was great too!!

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel, Melbourne, June 2015

Information Management Analyst, IT Industry

It was a good "taster" for the courses on offer.

7 Days of Financial Modelling in Excel, March 2016

Pharmaceuticals Industry

Very professional standard!

In-house, Faculty of Medicine, Sydney, July 2011

Finance Officer, UNSW

“Here you can get an understanding of techniques and concepts to build a great financial model.”

Assistant Manager, Corporate Planning & Subsidiaries, Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad

Danielle is a very personable individual that makes a highly technical subject very enjoyable to participate in. Danielle's hands on approach and her expert knowledge of her subject material were very impressive. Overall a very enjoybale and valuable couple of days.

Perth, March 2011

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Director, Logistics and Supply Chain

I really like the fact that the examples were referenced to the book, so that if I got lost I could refer to the book and try and workout the problem.

Essential Excel for Finance (In-house course), Sydney, November 2012

Tax and Finance Co-Ordinator, Construction Services

The workshop was very informative with real case scenarios to keep everyone involved.

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel, Sydney, May 2015

National Sales Administrator, Electrical Industry

I loved everything!  Thanks Danielle.

It's very beneficial how Plum Solutions supplies a USB that you can take away with you to practice using the files at a later date.

The presenter was happy to help and took into account everyone's concerns, needs and objectives.

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel, Melbourne, March 2015

Senior HR Finance & Information Analyst, Insurance Industry

I was impressed by the presenter's practical knowledge in the actual use of Excel in a very diverse way in various industries and countries.

The use of Excel not only in the Finance area but in various aspects of the day to day tasks.

The actual training centre is very well placed for all travelling by public transport.

Financial Analyst, Transport Industry

I truly did not expect to get as much out of this course as I did.  It was great!  Fantastic.

Financial Modelling Roadshow, Brisbane, August 2011

Group Accounting Manager

It's a great course to summarise my previous knowledge and pick up new ideas and facts.

Data Analysis and Reporting in Excel, Melbourne, August 2013

Finance Analyst, Department of Justice, Government

Danielle created a customised Excel Financial Modelling Masterclass and presented it to my team as an inhouse course. This was great value and the whole team benefited from her experience with best practice modelling.

Manager, Financial Services

Excellent course - both conceptually and in delivery

Senior Economist, Australian Public Service

Make sure you come with your brain in gear - there is lots taught and lots learned!

Financial Modelling Roadshow, Melbourne, May 2012

Executive Chairman, Mining and Resources

Content was very good.

The Power of Power Pivot, Melbourne, October 2013

Network Performance Engineer, Energy Industry

Good knowledge, engaged well on a personal level. Was overall happy with the course.

Sydney, May 2012

Analyst, Investment Banking