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I liked the fact that we learn about theory and how we can apply it in the day to day. The presenter has a good knowledge of the topic.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Brisbane, August 2013

Agriculture Industry

The presenter was fabulous, approachable, patient with a good sense of humour.

Essential Excel for Business Administration (In-house), Sydney, Feb 2016

Student Records, Tertiary Education

This is an excellent Financial Modelling class, in which I have learnt to improve my financial presentations and work. I will encourage my financial staff to attend this course. The instructor is excellent. Singapore, July 2012

Executive Director, Construction Industry, Singapore

I found the course to be very helpful and I will be investing time to learn more on returning to work. 

I love that the presenter made everything relatable and was easy to understand. It's the first time someone has made Excel easy to understand for the average person.  

Advanced Excel and Dashboards, Melbourne, May 2015

Government Department

Great content, very interactive.  Good pace, very knowledgeable presenter!

Advanced Excel and Dashboards, Melbourne, May 2015

Financial Controller, Medical Devices

I liked the fact that the course could be tailored on the run to suit participants. The facilitator was very good and very knowledgable. Worked well with the group to tailor to our requirements.

Essential Excel for Finance (In-house course), Sydney, November 2012

Risk & Compliance Manager, Private Investment

I liked the fact that the presenter simplified the content, and used examples where appropriate.

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel (in-house course), Sydney, November 2012

Senior Business Analyst, Food Manufacturing

“Concise, adaptive, relevant without being overwhelming. Thoroughly enjoyable.”

Bank Islam Malaysia

The workshop was very informative and I look forward to implementing in my workplace.  The presenter was very informative and gave real case scenarios to keep everyone involved.

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel, Sydney, May 2015

National Sales Administrator, Manufacturing

The presenter was very clear, concise, interesting and knowledgeable.

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel, Sydney, May 2015

Business Analyst, Not for Profit

I liked how my specific needs were queried and answered through the course. I needed some discussion around special charts (waterfall, tornado) and the presenter made time for this.  The course was well-packaged, covering a wide range of topics and had useful examples to emphasize good/bad practices. I can definitely use what I learned in the course in my workplace, particularly on dashboard reports and dynamic chart.

Supply Chain Analyst, Energy Industry

The best part was the financial rollout model we built at the end - very hands on!

In-house, Sydney, Nov 2011

Financial Analyst, Public sector

The course was exactly what I was looking for. It sets the fundamentals right for a robust financial model and teaches ways to go around building one. The speed and contents were just right for me and the online option was just great....  Will surely recommend anyone who is looking for further training in excel/modelling!

Planning Manager, Manufacturing.

Introduction to Financial Modelling, Online

The course was interesting, very relevant to our area of business and I learnt many new skills and tricks with Excel that I would never have gotten around to learning on my own.  The presenter was very professional, friendly, engaging, knowledgeable and patient with all of us as some understand the content at a slower pace than others. It is clear she has a huge passion for excel and data analysis and modelling and I thoroughly enjoyed my training session. Thanks for the book!  This will be an invaluable resource for me throughout my professional career.

Design Engineer, Telecommunications Industry

The webinar was a useful reminder of tools available in Excel. My role involves a small amount of modelling but I don't do it all the time so it is easy to forget the things I have learned in the past. The webinar was a good reminder of things that I was aware of but hadn't really used. I can definitely apply these tools to current situations.

Scenario Tools in Excel (Webinar), May 2016

Vanessa, Retail Clothing Industry

The concepts were explained well with relevant, real-life examples.

Sydney, February 2012

Finance Manager, Property

The presenter has incredibly powerful skills with using the power of Excel and is able to articulate the logic behind the use of formulas/functions chosen for the task. I recommend for someone who wants to be a professional modeller.

Associate Chartered Accountant, Business Analyst

“She [Danielle] has assisted us develop all sorts of tools - customer databases, revenue models and even a customer feedback tracking module. She has also improved the way we interpret the results from these tools.”

Group Partner, Vision Finance and Property Services

The workshop had relevance to the real world... Danielle's knowledge of the subject was exemplary.

Intermediate and Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel (In-House Workshop), Sydney, April 2017

Ashish Singh, Canon Australia

I was engaged from the first lesson, but I am an Excel geek so everything Excel impresses me. The presenter did a great job of teaching the subject matter in a clear and easy to understand way. Even for a seasoned Excel user, I learnt new easier techniques from the initial lesson. I was able to revamp my models at work by the second lesson.

Worked well with Windows 8 platform.

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel online course, May 2013

Financial Analyst II, Financial Services Industry

This was a jam-packed course with practical content and very well-presented!

Financial Modelling Roadshow Masterclass, Perth, August 2011

Commercial Manager, Construction & Logistics

The workshop was good. I enjoyed all the examples and spreadsheets that I could take home.

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel (In-house), Perth, Feb 2016

Finance Partner, Goverment

We covered a lot of material in a short period of time with a lots of good, practical examples.

Sydney, February 2012

Finance Manager, Transportation Industry

Danielle provided me a one day training course on Data Analysis skills using Excel 2003/2007/2010. I found the presentation thorough and informative, especially in terms of functionality and tools that I can certainly utilise in my work environment. I also found Danielle very friendly, open to questions and determined to answer questions and provide advice as thoroughly as possible. I am looking forward to her forthcoming book on data analysis.

Business Intelligence Analyst, Government Administration

"Excellent course - thanks very much."