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Practical workshop in the latest version of Excel.  The course included a wide range of topics, formula and scenarios. The presenter has excellent knowledge, was patient and helpful.

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel, Melbourne, March 2016

Senior Policy Adviser, Government Department

Thank you very much. Quite a lot of information to get through but i thoroughly enjoyed the course. Very informative and I really appreciated you asking what we would like to achieve out of today's course!

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel (In-house), Perth, April 2016

Goverment Department

The presenter gave time to work through the case study in a step by step basis. The workshop was easy to follow with clear examples. Each part was useful in explaining or developing Excel modelling best practice.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Melbourne June 2016

Vice President Business Development, Local Government

I liked the shortcuts and it improved my understanding of many of the standard functions within Excel.  The course was well done and well taught!

Essential Excel for Business Administration, Brisbane, July 2014

Banking Industry

I liked the practical parts and actually working through formulas together. The presenter was friendly and helpful.

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel, Sydney, November 2013

Marketing Services Manager, Construction Industry

The presenter has incredibly powerful skills with using the power of Excel and is able to articulate the logic behind the use of formulas/functions chosen for the task.

Perth, Nov 2010

Senior Business Analyst, BHP Billiton

Great learning materials and especially the textbook that came with the course.

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel, Brisbane, December 2013

Accountant, Agricultural Industry

Great coverage of material!

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel, Melbourne, August 2014

Investment Assistant, Insurance

I enjoyed that the workshop was tailored to the needs for our work. The content covered was very useful.

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel (In-house Workshop), Sydney, August 2016

Accounting Industry

I enjoyed the Factory Rollout exercise.  Very useful techniques were learnt.

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel, Sydney, June 2014

Banking & Finance Data Analyst, Banking Industry

Material was good and examples were suitably illustrative.

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel, Melbourne, May 2014

Sustainable Procurement Officer, Health Industry

I thought the course was great!  The materials provided were great, simple instructions and examples.

Melbourne, Jan 2011

In-house Customised Course

I liked the scenario analysis part and found it really useful.

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel, Sydney, November 2014

Analyst, Higher Education

The presenter explained the fundamentals really well and it was easy to pick up with the examples included.

Budgeting and Forecasting in Excel, Sydney, June 2014

Senior Accountant, Recruitment Industry

I enjoyed the more advanced materials on waterfall charts and using dynamic charts.

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel, Brisbane, February 2015

Associate Director - Portfolio Management, Energy Industry

I liked both the information provided during the course, as well as the additional information that can be utilised once the course was over.  The Presenter's indepth knowledge of Excel and the ability to keep the flow of the class going whilst answering individual questions.

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel, Sydney, March 2014

Senior Consultant, Finance Industry

Every question raised was clearly answered and well explained.  All topics were covered and our objectives met!

Financial Modelling in Excel, Dubai, Jan 2014

Analyst, Qatar Foundation

The workshop was very informative and easy to follow. The presenter was very helpful and knowledable. Great course and very well structured.

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel, Sydney, April 2015

Financial Planning, Accounting Industry

Great to have the book to work through some of the exercises & to use as a reference later on.  The presenter was great.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Brisbane, August 2013

Marketing, Machinery Industry

I am new to financial modelling, but this 7 day mini course, gave the basic insight on what to do and not to do while creating lucrative financial models especially in Excel. 

7 Days of Financial Modelling in Excel, March 2016

Hangai Hassan, National Bank Of Commerce

Very fast paced workshop with excellent information. The presenter has excellent knowledge.

Advanced Excel and Dashboards, Sydney, May 2015

Project Management, Manufacturing

Gave us a great lesson on advanced Excel skills, learning Vlookups, pivot tables and the use of graphs and more. great day of learning new skills.

Sydney, December 2011

General Manager, Machinery

The presenter had a great overall knowledge of the subject material.

Data Analysis and Power Pivot, Melbourne, May 2015

Financial Analyst, Financial Services

The content was great and I definitely discovered and learnt about some new tools that I can use in reporting for my work. The presenter was easily approachable and kept the class engaged. Very knowledgable in Excel. Great that we get the book and I think I'll find that very useful in the office. Happy that I've learned some new skills and tools. Would like to do another course in the future to expand my knowledge on nesting formulas further.

Customer Support Administrator, Agricultural Industry

I liked the flexibility to cover the different ways to utilise Excel. I have realised there are so many ways to use formulas.

I was glad this course was a small group to enable the presenter to be flexible to meet my requirements.

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel (In-House Course), Sydney, June 2015


Finance, Construction Industry