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I really liked Chandoo's relaxed presentation skills and his vast knowledge and his ability to make it practical!

His ability to blend humour and intelligence, to really help Excel users become awesome. I can definitely see myself creating reports at my organisation as a direct output of this course.

Data Analysis and Power Pivot Masterclass, Sydney, May 2015

Manager, Secretariat

I really enjoyed the use of shortcuts and tools to prepare Dashboards in Excel.

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel, Melbourne, August 2016

Jin Morris, Banking

Although I've already got Financial Modelling experience, this course has provided deeper insights in the actual modelling process.

Perth, Nov 2010

Analyst, Oil & Gas Industry

The facilitator's knowledge was excellent and the venue was well located and of a high standard. The presenter was extremely knowledgeable. The workshop had wonderful course content and training facilities!

Financial Modelling in Excel, Melbourne, June 2016

Director, Arts and Culture

A great presenter and I love the enthusiam that she has for Excel. I have picked up a handful of new tricks which is great and the workshop has got me thinking about ideas I can use. Great presenter!

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel, Sydney, October 2015

Business Analyst, Health Insurance

I learnt lots!!!!

Budgeting & Forecasting In-house, Melbourne, May 2011

Good coverage of subjects and great material!  Presenter was great with good speed and timing. Reviewed primary items. It was a great presentation.

Advanced Excel and Dashboards, Brisbane, June 2015

Senior Business Consultant, Management Industry

I was engaged from the first lesson, but I am an Excel geek so everything Excel impresses me. The presenter did a great job of teaching the subject matter in a clear and easy to understand way. Even for a seasoned Excel user, I learnt new easier techniques from the initial lesson. I was able to revamp my models at work by the second lesson.

Worked well with Windows 8 platform.

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel online course, May 2013

Financial Analyst II, Financial Services Industry



I liked that the course facilitator asked each individual what they would like to get out of the course and then based the day around that rather than having a pre written agenda. We didn't rush through the material and got plenty of time to ask questions. One of the best Excel courses I have been on - would definitely recommed this course to others.

In-House Training Course, Sydney, October 2012

Property Management - Investment Analyst

"Explanation clear. Good, practical"

Senior Accounts Executive, KL StarRail Sdn Bhd

I learnt lots of new knowledge to put into practice. Thank you!

Essential Excel for Business Administration (In-house), Sydney, Feb 2016

Higher Education

The course was customised to suit our specific requirements, hence was not cluttered with irrelevant information.

Sydney, March 2012

Anonymous 3, Essential Upgrade to Excel 2010, In-house

Keep up the good work and spreading the knowledge :)

7 Days of Financial Modelling in Excel, March 2016


The workshop was broad based and it was not too crowded which allowed for individual attention.  The presenter has an articulate, broad depth of knowledge.

Budgeting and Forecasting in Excel, Sydney, May 2015

Business Analyst, Electrical

I truly did not expect to get as much out of this course as I did.  It was great!  Fantastic.

Financial Modelling Roadshow, Brisbane, August 2011

Group Accounting Manager

The presenter was fabulous, approachable, patient with a good sense of humour.

Essential Excel for Business Administration (In-house), Sydney, Feb 2016

Student Records, Tertiary Education

The consultant has a rare combination of expertise, understanding and skill in delivering programmes tailored around advanced business modelling and analysis techniques. I had the recent pleasure of attending a two day course run by a Plum Solutions Consultant; which took what I understood as "reasonably advanced" on-the-job learning to an impressively higher capability.

Collaborative Business Leader, Construction

I learnt a lot and I'm looking forward to using some of the online dashboards.

Advanced Excel and Dashboards Masterclass, Sydney, May 2015

Management Accountant, Computer Software

The presenter provided a very clear explanation and I really liked that we were provided with samples and notes to take home and a working sample.

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel, Sydney, March 2014

Business Analyst

The exercises were very useful for real-life application.

In-house course, Dashboards, Singapore, December 2012

Ang Li Wei, Health Industry

The workshop provided practical examples and was hands on working in the models. The presenter has excellent knowledge!

Advanced Excel and Dashboards Masterclass, Sydney, May 2015

Accountancy Firm

Well paced and covered key and fundamental areas, very professional and extensive knowledge comes across with ease.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Sydney, October 2015

Commercial Analyst, Finance

I enjoyed the flexibility of the delivery.  We covered the outline and main areas of the course, but could still detour to cover individual needs.

Advanced Financial Modelling In-house course, Brisbane, May 2011

Flexible Delivery

I really liked that we had to work out problems without any hints first.  The course was very useful - as well as small, handy hints, we also covered high level strategies for modelling.  Thank you!

Analyst, Pharmaceutical Industry