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The presenter is a great trainer in the Financial Modelling & Data Analysis field.

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel, Melbourne, November 2013

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Invoicing and Payment Coordinator, Logistics and Supply Chain

I felt there were a lot of valuable tools, tips, formulas and processes; which will prove very useful in the future.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Melbourne, May 2012

Relationship Manager, Banking

The course was well prepared and very useful.

Financial Reporting for Executive Assistants, Dubai, January 2015

Finance Industry

I liked the fact that we learn about theory and how we can apply it in the day to day. The presenter has a good knowledge of the topic.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Brisbane, August 2013

Agriculture Industry

Very helpful trainer.

Engineer, Teknik Janakuasa Sdn Bhd

I really liked Chandoo's relaxed presentation skills and his vast knowledge and his ability to make it practical!

His ability to blend humour and intelligence, to really help Excel users become awesome. I can definitely see myself creating reports at my organisation as a direct output of this course.

Data Analysis and Power Pivot Masterclass, Sydney, May 2015

Manager, Secretariat

I liked the knowledge of the presenter and flexibility during the workshop.

Budgeting and Forecasting in Excel (In-House Course), Sydney, June 2015

Financial Accountant, Manufacturing

Excellent course, very well presented!  The presenter was very well prepared and very knowledgable.

Financial Modelling Masterclass, Auckland, Sept 2011

Finance Manager, Animal Health

Well structured for different learning speeds. Great materials. I enjoyed using the business case scenario. The presenter created a very positive and fun environment to learn and all questions where followed up.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Brisbane, August 2013

Program Director, Agriculture Industry

Plenty of tips to try at work and the presenter was happy to help.

Budgeting and Forecasting in Excel, Brisbane, May 2014

Director, Accommodation Industry

"Intuitive and interesting."


Very engaging speaker and easy to understand.  Amazing background knowledge.

Essential Upgrade to Excel 2007/10 (in-house course), Sydney, November 2012

In House Course, Packaging Industry 2

The presenter clearly explained every point.

Financial Reporting for Executive Assistants, Dubai, January 2015

Finance Industry

The course was well-paced, and suited to the participants needs.  The course material was excellent.

In-house course, Sydney, Sept 2011

Executive Assistant, Government Agency

I came across various financial modelling courses but Plum's 7 day financial modelling was among the best. I was able to link all the explanations with my work. Thanks Plum.

7 Days of Financial Modelling in Excel, March 2016

Research Industry

Valuable skills to acquire for business scenario analysis. Well done!

Head of Finance Department, Perbadanan Nasional Berhad

The webinar was a useful reminder of tools available in Excel. My role involves a small amount of modelling but I don't do it all the time so it is easy to forget the things I have learned in the past. The webinar was a good reminder of things that I was aware of but hadn't really used. I can definitely apply these tools to current situations.

Scenario Tools in Excel (Webinar), May 2016

Vanessa, Retail Clothing Industry

Enjoyed the course, and I've gained some valuable experience with designing dashboards.  The presenter has an excellent understanding of Excel. She engaged with all the attendees.

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel, Sydney, November 2013

Group Finance Manager, Construction Industry

Good knowledge, engaged well on a personal level. Was overall happy with the course.

Sydney, May 2012

Analyst, Investment Banking

The presenter knew the subject very well!

Financial Modelling in Excel, Sydney, October 2015

Project Manager, Government

I liked both the information provided during the course, as well as the additional information that can be utilised once the course was over.  The Presenter's indepth knowledge of Excel and the ability to keep the flow of the class going whilst answering individual questions.

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel, Sydney, March 2014

Senior Consultant, Finance Industry

I thought the course was excellent and the course content was very relevant.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Hobart, December 2013

Finance Business Partner, Tertiary Education

What I particularly liked about these short videos was their simplicity and focus on just one topic. These "sound bites" of instruction are easy to internalise and retain.

7 Days of Financial Modelling in Excel, March 2016

Paul Eysink

The course was extremely practical and informative and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It is very useful course for those wanting to improve and streamline budget or forecast models using Excel.  Excellent notes and template models were provided for reference.

Sydney, July 2011

Assistant Accountant, Mining and Engineering

The trainer had excellent teaching ability, making hard things look simple and feasible, giving examples and gradually increasing the level of difficulty.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Dubai, Jan 2014

Corporate Strategy Portfolio Manager, Dubai Electricity & Water Authority