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Good coverage of subjects and great material!  Presenter was great with good speed and timing. Reviewed primary items. It was a great presentation.

Advanced Excel and Dashboards, Brisbane, June 2015

Senior Business Consultant, Management Industry

Danielle is a subject matter expert on financial modelling and the course delivered an excellent mix of theoretical and technical knowledge.”  Thank you! 


Sydney, March 2011


Business Intelligence Manager at University of Technology, Sydney

Clarity in explanations show a strong command over the subject.

Financial Modelling using Excel, Dubai, November 2014

Finance Professional

I discovered so many other functionalities of Excel that was not aware of prior to this course.  I have learned many useful functions and tools that will improve the efficiency and quality of my financial reports.
There was great interaction between the speaker and the participants, the facilitator was an expert!

Singapore, Oct 2010

Finance Manage, State Power Company, Manila

On the first day, objectives were asked and understood for each person in the class which was a very good approach.

Financial Modelling using Excel, Dubai, November 2014

Finance Industry

The workshop in general was very helpful. I've got some good ideas on improving our dashboard reporting.

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel, Melbourne, June 2017

Financial Accountant, Community Industry

I liked the practicality of the course. Definitely can see how I can apply the things learnt today to my work place.

I liked how the presenter was very engaging and came down to our knowledge level. She did not bombard us with information or formulas. She was also very helpful in checking and assisting.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Melbourne, August 2016

Publishing Industry

I liked the use of a single business case scenario from start to end.  Very useful workshop to use all of the tools.  Strong subject matter knowledge explained simply and practically.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Brisbane, February 2014

Principal, Mining Projects

Very hands on practical content whereby the participants had time to undertake practical examples to re-inforce the concepts being taught. Danielle was a wealth of knowledge and very flexible in adapting the course content on the day to accommodate the work needs of the participants. Lovely presenter!

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel (In-house), Perth, Feb 2016

Government Department

Thank you!  I really enjoyed the course and got a lot out of it. 

Financial Modelling in Excel, Hobart, December 2013

Management Accountant, Tertiary Education

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and gained valuable Financial Modelling and Excel skills which I know will directly apply in my workplace increasing my efficiency and ability to provide & present accurate and useful data.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Brisbane, November 2015

Construction Industry

I liked the workshop because I am doing accounting and the content is useful for me to be able to apply what I learned. The presenter is helpful and kept checking our work in every stepp we have done in class and for improvement there is no suggestion because everything was perfect!

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel, Brisbane, November 2015

Accountant, International

Very much a detailed workshop and good material to support the course.  Very practical!

Financial Modelling in Excel, Brisbane, August 2013

Tactical Segment Manager, Machinery Industry

I liked the pace of the course and it kept everyone interested due to the presenters style of presenting.

Great course, loved the hands-on approach. Can't wait to enrol for another course.

Data Analysis and Reporting, Sydney, March 2013


Business Analyst, Retail

Danielle was a great trainer, very interactive and was able to explain all scenarios in depth to our group. Danielle made sure we were learning the most relevant material. Danielle was great, very friendly and able to help one on one when needed. Very knowledgeable!

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel (In-House), Melbourne, June 2017

Project Specialist, Airlines

“Concise, adaptive, relevant without being overwhelming. Thoroughly enjoyable.”

Bank Islam Malaysia

Great training course and excellent materials.

Brisbane, September 2011

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Project Management, Real Estate

I recently attended an Advanced excel modelling course. The consultants knowledge and expertise with excel is outstanding. Her patience with the class showed years of experience in providing professional training. Her book has already been a very handy addition in helping deliver financial modelling to senior management.

I would highly recommend this course.

Sydney, October 2013

Investment Manager, Construction

The workshop helped a lot to better understand financial models and to make them work easily.

Certificate in Financial Modelling using Excel, Dubai, April 2017


The presenter was very knowledgable and explained areas in a very understandable way.

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel (in-house course), Sydney, November 2012

Demand Analyst, Food Manufacturing

Good Value, On Time, Creative

Sydney, March 2012

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CFO, Accounting

“She [Danielle] has assisted us develop all sorts of tools - customer databases, revenue models and even a customer feedback tracking module. She has also improved the way we interpret the results from these tools.”

Group Partner, Vision Finance and Property Services

Very clear, concise, interesting and knowledgeable.

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel, Sydney, May 2015

Business Analyst, Not for Profit Organisation

I liked the course being delivered via a business case that was quite similar to the practice, not just by using simple individual exercises for each function. It will be quite useful for my work. What I really thank to this course is that it inspired many new ideas about the improvement of my current job.  It's obvious that the presenter is really proficient in financial modelling. Her presentation was not a boring lecture but an exciting experience. She has her own unique idea and structure of method to make us understand the functions easily.

Finance Manager, Higher Education

For a seven day online course, it felt like I was at a face to face course instead. At the very first day, I realise that I was weak at financial modelling. These few tips actually helped shape my understanding of how to be better a financial modeller and better at presenting my work. Thanks a lot for your help.

7 Days of Financial Modelling in Excel, March 2016

Jerusha Curden