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I liked the practical nature of the course, how the focus was almost entirely on 'hands on' exercises. The textbook and course notes will be useful as a reference guide. Danielle was a great presenter, who adjusted well to the groups needs. Her passion for financial modelling (two L's!) was infectious and she made the material relevant and interesting.

If there is ever a 'Super Advanced Financial Modelling' course I would love to participate!

Associate, Risk Advisory

I really liked the practical use of Excel and the real life case scenarios.

Sydney, June 2011

Graduate Analyst, Banking

Danielle is a good presenter; she's able to convey the materials in an interesting way, relating
it to real life examples of how we might be able to use what's taught in class. 

Management Associate, Maybank

The presenter was very engaging and kept things interesting.  Thank you for an enjoyable course.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Melbourne, August 2016

Senior Forecasting Analyst, Energy

The presenter is very informative in explaining the material. We got the chance to ask questions given the size of the class, which is very good.

Budgeting and Forecasting in Excel, Sydney, July 2013

Retail Industry

I loved everything!  Thanks Danielle.

It's very beneficial how Plum Solutions supplies a USB that you can take away with you to practice using the files at a later date.

The presenter was happy to help and took into account everyone's concerns, needs and objectives.

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel, Melbourne, March 2015

Senior HR Finance & Information Analyst, Insurance Industry

Great course - well worth the time out of work.  Wish I'd done this course years ago!

Financial Modelling Roadshow, Sydney, August 2011

Contracts & Finance Manager, Traffic Authority

The content of the course was very useful for my working environment. Hong Kong, July 2012

Accounts, Mobile Device Hardware Supply, Hong Kong

I joined Plum Solutions course in Financial Modelling in Excel and Dashboard Reporting. I found the presenter to be uniquely engaging and effective in teaching a class with varied experience levels. The book is also a great read... everything you needed to know and nothing you don't. I also love how the presenter made herself available for follow-up or advanced questions during and after the training. Great job!

Trading Analyst, Energy Industry

I truly did not expect to get as much out of this course as I did.  It was great!  Fantastic.

Financial Modelling Roadshow, Brisbane, August 2011

Group Accounting Manager

I liked the structured approach with ready to use data so I could focus on the formulas. 

The formulas used were very useful and I really look forward to making my excel life much easier.  The presenter is great, very upbeat.  I am a little suprised that an excel course could be this exciting.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Brisbane, August 2013

Agricultural Industry

The presenter is highly professional and approachable, with detailed knowledge of advanced Excel functions and built-in formulas and this has made my learning experience very pleasant. I was also offered great after service which I found very useful.

Sydney, November 2011

Regulatory Reporting Project Specialist, Banking

I enjoyed the Factory Rollout exercise.  Very useful techniques were learnt.

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel, Sydney, June 2014

Banking & Finance Data Analyst, Banking Industry

I attended a financial modelling course run by Danielle, which I found to be extremely useful and thoroughly enjoyable. Danielle has an in depth knowledge of financial modelling concepts, and is an expert for all things to do with Excel. Additionally, she is a wonderful trainer, and through her course, I was able to learn many useful concepts/excel tips and tricks to assist me with my work.

Sydney, June 2011

Equities, Financial Services

I liked the flow of the course - the presenter had great enthusiasm and took the time to work with individuals who needed assistance.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Brisbane, August 2013

Human Resources, Agriculture Industry

The presenter was very experienced in the area of financial modelling and used her experience as examples throughout the course.  Thanks very much!

Perth, March 2011

Senior Business Analyst, Business School

Well presented.  Good supporting materials and models that can be referred to after the course, or with colleagues.

Senior Economist, Sydney Water Corporation

A great presenter and I love the enthusiam that she has for Excel. I have picked up a handful of new tricks which is great and the workshop has got me thinking about ideas I can use. Great presenter!

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel, Sydney, October 2015

Business Analyst, Health Insurance

Loved it.  The instructor used real and practical examples.

Financial Modelling in Excel Masterclass, Sydney, March 2012

Financial Modelling in Excel Masterclass

The workshop was a great help for me to understand the recommended best practice in financial modelling, and how to make it user friendly by distinguishing the formulas and input. Also the shortcuts and charts were very helpful.

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel, Sydney, September 2014

Finance Manager, Manufacturing Industry

I discovered so many other functionalities of Excel that was not aware of prior to this course.  I have learned many useful functions and tools that will improve the efficiency and quality of my financial reports.
There was great interaction between the speaker and the participants, the facilitator was an expert!

Singapore, Oct 2010

Finance Manage, State Power Company, Manila

The workshop was very knowledgeable & accomodative.  Presenter was very good, we were even shown charting skills and the materials provided were very thorough.  I will be using the skills I learnt at work.

Budgeting and Forecasting in Excel, Sydney, July 2013

Banking Industry

I attended the Financial Modelling Masterclass that a Plum Solutions consultant ran. I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. I would love to attend another workshop run by a Plum Solutions Consultant.

March 2012

Group Financial Controller, Media

Thank you, this course was very useful with my current position!

Data Analysis and Reporting (In-house course), Sydney, July 2013

Security Division, Transport Industry

Very practical and hands on. Applying concepts through case studies was very useful. The presenter provided clear explanations of concepts and was approachable.

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel, Sydney, September 2014

Financial Analyst, Technology Industry