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This course has given me a better understanding of modelling frameworks and concepts.  It has given me more confidence when reviewing and producting models.  The course was very appropriate for my needs - the presenter was excellent, and the venue good.

A very enjoyable, past-paced course which has given me confidence to tackle complex modelling at work.

Financial Modelling Masterclass, Perth, August 2011

CFO, Chemical Industry

I liked the shortcuts and it improved my understanding of many of the standard functions within Excel.  The course was well done and well taught!

Essential Excel for Business Administration, Brisbane, July 2014

Banking Industry

I thought course was well presented. 

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel, Melbourne, August 2014

Management Account, Media Industry

The presenters friendliness made me feel comfortable and that allowed me to enjoy the course.

In-House Training, Melbourne, October 2012

Peter, Finance Services

There were good notes and reference material, excellent content and engaging presentations with practical applications for industry analysis.  Great venue, and helpful staff!

Sydney, February 2012

Financial Analyst, Retail

Plum Solutions offers great financial modelling courses along with a lot of smart Excel techniques. The online course is good and the face-to-face course is also fantastic! Highly recommended for all people who are interested in financial modelling, or would like to improve modelling/Excel skills.

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel, Sydney, September 2014

Lab Shift Supervisor, Oil and Gas Industry

I would recommend this workshop to my colleagues

Certificate in Financial Modelling using Excel, Dubai, April 2017


I found the presentation to be both informative and highly relevant to my work as a financial analyst.

Sydney, December 2011

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Senior Equities Analyst

Well prepared and presented course.  Presenter had in depth knowledge of course material.

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel, Sydney, November 2013

Production Engineer, Construction Industry

The presenter has incredibly powerful skills with using the power of Excel and is able to articulate the logic behind the use of formulas/functions chosen for the task.

Perth, Nov 2010

Senior Business Analyst, BHP Billiton

I liked the balance between theory and practice. The amount of theorical content regarding forecasting and budgeting and the practical examples were very useful and relevant. The presenter was intuiative to each person's level and needs.

Budgeting and Forecasting in Excel, Melbourne, November 2012

Anonymous, Melbourne, November 2012

Well paced - covered good content with great worked examples. Good mix of practical and theoretical throughout the day. The presenter was very knowledgeable - able to guide us through the content.

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel (In-House Workshop), Melbourne, January 2017

Chartered Accounting

“It’s a very useful course for those who are dealing with excel spreadsheets in their day-to-day work”

Vice President, Affin Investment Bank

I enjoyed exploring new formulas and shortcuts I wasn't aware of. It was also interesting to learn of best practice modelling, something I can use to tweak our current models. Data tables were also quite interesting, I was not aware of them prior to this course. The presenter was friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and kept a good pace.

Senior Finance Officer, Education

I strongly recommend this course to my other colleagues!

Perth, March 2011

Business Development Advisor

The presenter was able to explain my needs and was able to give me personal attention throughout the workshop.

Financial Reporting for Executive Assistants, Dubai, January 2015

Financial Industry

The workshop covered important aspects of advanced financial modeling.  The presenter has great knowledge and explains the material well.

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel, Sydney, June 2014

Higher Education Industry

The Presenter was wonderful.  She was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions.
She also encouraged a friendly atmosphere in the room amongst us all, which made the course very enjoyable.

Financial Modelling Masterclass, Auckland, Sept 2011

Business Analyst, Power Company

I enjoyed the various tips and tricks, thorough explanation of the different functions available and benefits of some functions. Also the course material. Great course, thank you!

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel (In-House), Melbourne, June 2017

Finance Graduate, Airways

This is an excellent Financial Modelling class, in which I have learnt to improve my financial presentations and work. I will encourage my financial staff to attend this course. The instructor is excellent. Singapore, July 2012

Executive Director, Construction Industry, Singapore

I enjoyed the informal interactive class participation. The presenter has an easy going style. He was able to demystify complex problems easily. Learning experience was very enjoyable.

Advanced Excel and Dashboards, Brisbane, June 2015


Pharmaceutical Industry

Danielle is a great presenter and I love the enthusiasm she has for Excel. I have picked up a handful of new tricks which is great and has got me thinking about ideas I can use.

Great presenter!

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel, Sydney, October 2015

Business Analyst, Insurance

I don't think this course could really be improved.  It was well thought-out and the teacher was excellent.  You were made to feel very comfortable and could always ask as many questions as you needed to.  The course materials were incredibly comprehensive, and  I learnt so much in two days - great value for money!

Financial Modelling Roadshow, Sydney, August 2011

Investment Banking Research Analyst

The presenter was able to answer all the questions, and she was quite flexible in going through some of the questions asked by us so and not just sticking to the material.  The course is very good, it gives a good refresher to a few tips and tricks.

Data Analysis and Reporting in Excel, Melbourne, August 2013

Supply Chain Industry

The trainer has an excellent teaching style and quickly became familiar with the group.  Course material was well set out, and accompanied by written support.  She was eager and willing to cover other areas as requested.

Financial Modelling for Pricing Analysis, Melbourne, Feb 2011.

Business Analyst, Coles Supermarket