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Meetup: The Future of Financial Modelling: Innovation, AI & Disruption

Date: Wednesday, 1 November 2017 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Location: Melbourne

Duration: 2 Hours

Despite the fact that artificial intelligence, automation and machine learning are so widely discussed at the moment, Microsoft Excel remains one of the most commonly used tools in any finance department. Financial Modelling continues to be one of the top skills required for Finance professionals in today’s corporates, business or even government. What does all this innovation and disruption mean for financial modellers, or anyone working in finance?

In this informative session we will discuss a range of topics including seeing what some of the future in financial modelling might look like, how to embrace new technologies and why it still remains important to continue to develop your Excel modelling skills throughout your career.

Hear from financial modelling expert, Lance Rubin (https://au.linkedin.com/in/lance-rubin-33a61b), who disrupted 75% of his own role as the CFO at the fintech start-up, Banjo, by using some of this technology. He will share with us his experiences and explore why it’s important to consider trying to disrupt your own role. We’ll discuss strategies for working not harder but smarter and learn how you can take the steps to benefit from this.

Lance Rubin is the CEO of Model Citizn, a Melbourne-based financial modelling consulting firm that specialises in building models across a range of sectors including social benefit bonds, infrastructure and property and financial services for companies and investment trusts. Lance whilst remaining as the CFO of Banjo is also a contractor to the KPMG modelling team and has over 20 years in financial services

We will also be joined by Johann Odou from the ModelOff Financial Modelling World Championships team who will introduce us to the new Financial Modelling Institute (https://fminstitute.com/) (FMI) and their Certification exams launching later this year.

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