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Meetup: Professional Valuation Modelling; Applying Rigour and Avoiding Common Mistakes

Date: Wednesday, 16 August 2017 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Location: Sydney

Duration: 2 hours

Valuation is an impure and complex science. Methodology utilised, the characteristics of target entities and the underlying reason for valuation can all significantly vary how a valuation is calculated. However, despite this great scope for variety, valuation via discounted cashflows typically proves to be the prevailing method in most circumstances. Though popular, unfortunately this method also harbours a range of commonly made errors and mis-interpretations. Hear from expert Financial Modelling Practitioner, Theo West who will be highlighting these oft-seen errors by looking at the back-end modelling of some case-studies, but additionally reflecting on inherent limitations in valuation and, as such, showing a systematic approach to determining high/low ranges.

Theo West is the founder and managing director of financial modelling consultancy LMS (http://www.lentransolutions.com/). Theo’s career includes a wide range of financial exposure from private equity and infrastructure funds to large-scale financial services roles. Throughout, Theo has retained a strong focus on financial modelling and precision analytics and within his roles worked on acquisition, project and AUM valuations for significant transactions and assets in Australia, Europe, North America and Africa. Theo also holds the position of Director and Head of Modelling at the consulting group, Claymore Advisory.

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