I’m writing to you from the beautiful Sunshine Coast where I’ve been holidaying this week. We spent a day at the Gold Coast on the way to soak in some sunshine and the exciting atmosphere of the Commonwealth Games. I wanted to share with you this link to a special data visualisation that Chandoo has built especially for the games. Rather than just looking at the medal tally, it calculates medals per participant and has been built using Power Query (Get & Transform) and it is connected to gc2018.com, so all you have to do is refresh (Ctrl+Alt+F5) to automatically update medal tallies – very cool!

Download the workbook

Chandoo (otherwise known as Purna Duggirala) is best known as the founder of chandoo.org, an award-winning Excel and visualisation site which has over 50,000 members and 1.6 million visitors each month. He will be visiting Australia next month for a special Australian Masterclass event.  Book before 27th April to take advantage of the earlybird prices. Download the Brochure Here

Advanced Excel & Dashboard Reporting
Sydney 21-22 May
Brisbane 4-5 June
Melbourne 18-19 June
Perth 25-26 June

Power Excel – Power BI, Power Pivot, Power Query
Sydney 23-24 May
Brisbane 6-7 June
Melbourne 20-21 June
Perth 27-28 June

Chandoo is also available for a limited number of in-house sessions. Please enquire to book Chandoo to come to your organisation during his trip to Australia for a private in-house session on the following dates:

  • 17-18 May – booked out
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  • 2-6th July – available

Medal Tally