Five Ways to Speed up the Excel Model-Building Process with Macros & VBA

Automating repetitive tasks with Excel Macros can dramatically cut down the time you spend building financial models, and can significantly increase your productivity.  A well-written (or recorded) macro enables you to repeat operations that you would normally do by hand but much more quickly and reliably. If you find yourself repeating the same action over and over again whilst building or editing your models then the use of VBA can increase speed and accuracy.

At our recent Melbourne Meetup, we heard from from Macro & VBA expert, Marcelo Mendonca from Rixena who specialises in Business Productivity Improvements, and has trained hundreds of professionals from engineering, management, finance, supply chain in Australia, India, South Korea and Brazil.  Marcelo gave us a practical demonstration covering:

•   Best practice for Financial Modelling with VBA
•   When to use a formula and when to use a Macro
•   Tricks for model-building such as finding broken links, or hard-coded numbers using VBA
•   Case studies of when the use of macros saves time and increases reliability of financial models