This month our subscriber numbers have just hit 10,000, (wow!) and in this edition, it’s all about webinars!  We’ve got several great webinars you can register for, and learn with, all from the comfort of your home or office.  (And don’t forget you can always use them towards your CPD).  It’s mid-winter here in Sydney and I must say, I’m enjoying the opportunity to stay snug and warm in my home office and I’ve even been keeping my ugg boots on (shhh!).

Of course it’s not winter everywhere and you can’t beat getting together face-to-face and as always, we’ve still got a great lineup of workshops and free networking meetups for you to attend!

Infographics in Excel – New Online Course

We had a great response to our last live webinar with attendees from around 55 different countries!  If you missed it, the recording is still available.  Fill out the details below to gain access.

Infographics seem to be everywhere we look at the moment. Nothing conveys complex information more quickly and effectively than a well-built and visually appealing infographic.  Learn how to convert your “data story” into beautiful and powerful visuals using the standard Excel tools you already have! Infographics are designed to entertain as well as inform, and the popularity of the infographic in social media has made them an effective way to distill complex information and draw attention to issues that may have otherwise been overlooked.

This webinar was an introduction to my brand new online course on Infographics in Excel. We’ve had a great response to this new online course, and we’ve already had our first live webinar.  The next one is scheduled for tomorrow at 10am Sydney time but if you can’t make the time then don’t worry, you won’t miss a thing because the recordings are always made available very soon afterwards.  If you’d like to join us tomorrow, then contact us at info@plumsolutions.com.au  This fully online webinar-based course is still available at the pre-sale price of AUD$150 but will be going up to the RRP of $220 very soon, so don’t miss out!

If you join us for the full online course, here’s what’s covered over the next few weeks:

  • Pre-Course Webinar  Learn what makes a good infographic, using Excel for dynamic visuals and  principles of visual perception
  • Week 1: Introduction to Infographics recording now available In an environment where marketing and imagery is more important than ever, we explore how you, the everyday Excel user can present your data more effectively using infographics – and why you should.
  • 28th July – Week 2: Technical Excel Skills for Infographics This module contains a brief introduction and overview of the technical Excel skills needed to create dynamic and robust infographics in Excel.
  • 4th Aug – Week 3: Design Principles Explore methods and best practice design principles to design your infographic so that the message is instantly understood by a broad audience.
  • 11th Aug – Week 4: Building your Infographic In this final module, students are encouraged to use their own data to create an infographic, and submit it for evaluation.
  • 25th Aug – Q&A


Learn Dashboards Online

Power Query and PowerPivot are fast becoming must-have tools for analysis in Excel.  It’s easy to stick your head in the sand and ignore these developments and continue doing things the way you always have but embracing these new tools will not only enable you to get your work done more quickly, but also since less than 1% of Excel users know these tools you’re going to have a huge competitive edge in the workplace!


If you’re not sure how these skills might be relevant to you, and help you overcome the challenges above, then you can attend one or both of Mynda Treacy’s FREE Excel Dashboard Webinars which are running again at the moment.  They are a great way to get a taste for what these new tools can do for you.

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