Finance Team, Melbourne

Danielle created an interactive and engaging course. There was an equal amount of visuals to help cement the way that I learn. Practice will make perfect but there is a great foundation – thank you!

Incredibly engaging! Made the course fun.

I really liked it all. I am very new to my Excel journey (beyond the super basics) and this provided me with the extra skills I need towards my role.

Dashboard Reporting in Modern Excel, Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel, Live, Online training
November – December 2023

Health Industry

The workshop was a small group and it was easy to ask questions. It was flexible so that some of the subjects changed/expanded to suit for some students (i.e. how to make waterfall chart). The presenter was very welcoming and approachable. Made it easy to ask questions. It was a great course.

Associate, Asset Management

The course covered a wide range of topics related to Excel data processing and modelling. The afternoon case study was useful to practise items we went through during the day. Danielle is a great presenter and her class is very accommodating to students questions and the content is interesting.