Public workshop registration includes course materials, lunch and refreshments.

Public workshop registration includes course materials, lunch and refreshments. Courses are held from 9am until 5pm with an hour break for lunch, and a short break for morning and afternoon tea. Please advise if you have any dietary requirements.

Not sure which course is right for you?  Fill in our needs analysis form, and we’ll get back to you with our recommendations.

Public courses are held in the CBDs of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.  Please bring a jacket as seminar rooms can be cool at times. It is usual for each student to be asked to briefly introduce themselves at the beginning of the day. Please advise if you would prefer not to do this.

As part of the course you will receive:

  • A copy of the book Using Excel for Business and Financial Modelling, and/or a course exercise manual.  (Please check the course outline to see which courses include a copy of the book.)
  • USB memory stick on which to save your models
  • Lunch, tea and coffee


Public courses are run in a computer laboratory and workstations are provided so that participants can work in Excel on practical applications of content covered in the course.   The course is normally demonstrated using the latest version of Excel and participants can choose to use a previous version of Excel if they prefer. If participants are more comfortable using their own laptops, they are most welcome to bring their own equipment.  PCs are used during this course, so Apple Macintosh users may prefer to bring their own laptops.

Each version of Excel differs somewhat but it does not really matter which version you are using, as the machines used during class have several different versions installed so students may use whichever version they prefer.  If you’re not sure which version you are using, and for an overview of the major differences between versions, please see the blog article Which version of Excel am I using?

A reasonable level of Excel is required for these courses. They are designed for users who use Excel fairly regularly, and are comfortable with using formulas and know their way around the basic functions of Excel. It is assumed that students will know how to link between worksheets, and create some formulas. These courses are not designed to teach Excel, rather the use of Excel in a modelling situation. Complex formulas are documented in the course manual or book received by each student.

Each student will build their own model/s during the day/s and can bring them home with them. Students will be supplied with a  USB memory stick on which to save their work and take it away. If your company does not allow use of external drives it can be emailed to you.

A pre-course survey will be distributed to assess your skill level prior to coming on the course. If you are unsure about your suitability for this course or have any other questions, please phone our office on 0298187250.

Post Course Support

Once you have attended the course and if at any time you’re struggling to do something that was covered in the course, contact us and a consultant will provide assistance on how to solve your problem. All participants receive a complimentary four weeks registration to the Financial Modelling Support Centre.

Training Guarantee

We’re confident that you will achieve your training outcomes with courses held by Plum Solutions. If you are dissatisfied with one of our courses or feel that your skills have not improved as a result of one of our courses, we will endeavour to provide additional support to ensure that you achieve your outcomes.

Terms and Conditions

Please see the terms and conditions page for full details.

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Using Excel for Business and Financial Modelling

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I liked everything about the course I only wish that it could have been longer! Financial Modelling in Excel, In-house, January 2023
Banking, Middle East 
Banking, Middle East
The combination of knowledge and the practical case was very helpful. Also I understand better about the definition of Financial Modelling and what it entails.
 Construction Industry
The instructor made the course very interactive and clear which made me understand the material more easily. “Excel Modelling Skills” Live Virtual Training, May 2021.
Investment Banking Graduate, Middle East 
Investment Banking Graduate, Middle East

It gave me a good understanding of what is possible in Excel – a good base for future use. Danielle happily took queries through the session. Being a small group she could help each of us one on one easily. Danielle ran this course very well – not too quick or not too slow. Lots of information,


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 Recycling Industry