Since the COVID-19 outbreak, all meetups are being held online.  Register below to attend these virtual sessions. In most cases these webinar-style meetups are free to attend and open to all, regardless of location. The recordings and accompanying resources, where available, will be sent to all those who register in advance.

2022 Upcoming Dates

DateEvent Type TopicRegister Here
24th August 2022HYBRID MEETUPProblem-solving with Financial ModelsRegister In Person | Virtual
30th August 2022VIRTUAL MEETUPFractional, Virtual or Outsourced CFO Panel discussionRegister here
30th August 2022SUPPORT CLINICSPlum Alumni onlyFind out more
2-5th September 2022FINANCIAL MODELING WORLD CUP (FMWC)Stage 6 CompetitionRegister here
5-9th September 2022VIRTUAL SUMMITMy Data SummitRegister here
8th September 2022WOMEN IN FINANCIAL MODELLINGFMWC 2022 Stage 6 DebriefRegister here
21th September 2022VIRTUAL MEETUP“Advanced” Excel Skills and other Misnomers, Adrian MiricRegister here
27th September 2022WOMEN IN FINANCIAL MODELLINGQ&A on Key Data Structures in Power BI with Sue BayesRegister here
29th September 2022VIRTUAL MEETUPFull 3-way Financial Modelling using Dynamic ArraysRegister here
5-6th October 2022VIRTUAL SUMMITFinancial Modelling SummitRegister here
14-17th October 2022FINANCIAL MODELING WORLD CUP (FMWC)Stage 7 CompetitionRegister here
19th October 2022VIRTUAL MEETUPExcel for Microsoft 365 Game ChangersRegister here
18-21th November 2022FINANCIAL MODELING WORLD CUP (FMWC)Stage 8 CompetitionRegister here
Nov-Dec 2022FMWC OPEN Excel as EsportsRegister here

2022 Recordings

  • 17th August VIRTUAL MEETUP: Jazz up your models with Excel formatting techniques  Watch the recording 
  • 8th Jun VIRTUAL MEETUP: “Key Data Structures for Optimal Model Performance in Power BI” Sue Bayes Watch the recording
  • 29th Apr VIRTUAL MEETUP: “The Power of Automation with Microsoft Power Automate” Faraz Shaikh Watch the recording
  • 15th Mar VIRTUAL MEETUP: “Are Excel’s Power Technologies suitable for Financial Modelling?”
    Ken Puls Watch the recording
  • 21st Feb VIRTUAL DEBATE: “Google Sheets vs. Excel”
    David Benaim vs. Alan Murray Watch the recording
  • 2nd Feb VIRTUAL MEETUP: “Rolling Monthly Three Statement Forecasting”
    Giles Male and Myles Arnott, Full Stack Modeller  Watch the recording

2021 Recordings

  • 1st Dec VIRTUAL MEETUP: “Excel Online: how useful is it for financial modelling?”
    Mark Proctor, Watch the recording
  • 17th Nov VIRTUAL MEETUP: “Bend it… Don’t Break It! – Bulletproof Model Designs for Non-Excel People”
    Szilvia Juhasz, Watch the recording
  • 27th Oct VIRTUAL MEETUP: “I didn’t know Excel could do that EITHER”
    Bob Umlas Watch the recording 
  •  29th Sept VIRTUAL MEETUP: “Becoming a Killer Analyst: Data Critical Thinking Skills for Financial Modelers” Jordan Goldmeier and Alex Gutman Watch the recording here
  • 14th Sept VIRTUAL MEETUP: “Pushing to Mobile with Low-Code and No-Code Financial Modelling tools” Lance Rubin Watch the recording here
  • 1st Sept VIRTUAL MEETUP: “Harnessing your Inner Financial Modeller”
    Jessica D’Souza Watch the recording here
  • 11th Aug VIRTUAL MEETUP: “Cash Flow Liquidity Planning and Forecasting in Excel”
    Gary Knott & Romina Badecke  Watch the recording here
  • 14th Jul VIRTUAL MEETUP: “Advancing into Analytics; from Excel to Python and R”
    George Mount Watch the recording here
  • 23rd Jun VIRTUAL MEETUP: “I didn’t know Excel could do THAT”
    Bob Umlas Watch the recording here
  • 2nd Jun VIRTUAL MEETUP: “To Err is Human but to ISERR is Never OK!”
    Andrew Berg Watch the recording here
  • 19th May LIVE WORKSHOP: “Introduction to Dashboard Reporting in Modern Excel”
    Danielle Stein Fairhurst Watch the recording here
  • 12th May VIRTUAL MEETUP: “Excel Dynamic Arrays in Financial models; Possibilities and Pitfalls”
    David Taylor Watch the recording here
  • 21st April VIRTUAL MEETUP: “One size fits all? How to build a model fit for purpose”
    Rickard Wärnelid Watch the recording here
  • 14th Apr LIVE WORKSHOP: “Introduction to Budgeting and Forecasting in Excel”
    Danielle Stein Fairhurst Watch the recording here
  • 31st Mar VIRTUAL MEETUP: “The route to FP&A excellence with the Maturity Model”  Larysa Melnychuk, Hans Gobin and David West Watch the recording here
  • 17th Mar VIRTUAL MEETUP: “Building a cash flow waterfall in a project finance model” Hedieh Kianyfard Watch the recording here
  • 10th Mar WEBINAR: “FMI Level 2 Chartered Financial Modeler Exam Prep Session” Andrew Grigolyunovich
    Watch the recording here
  • 3rd Mar WEBINAR: “FMI Level 1 Advanced Financial Modeler Exam Prep Session”
    FMI + Panel Watch the recording here
  • 17th Feb VIRTUAL MEETUP: “Score my Model out of 10: a Guide to Model Risk Scoring” Ian Bennett & Martin Koning Watch the recording here
  • 10th Feb VIRTUAL MEETUP: “A Valuation Practitioner’s Perspective on Best Practice Financial Modelling” Ruby Liu Watch the recording here
  • 27th Jan VIRTUAL MEETUP: “Fun & Games with Excel Range Names”
    Neale Blackwood Watch the recording here
  •  21st Jan WEBINAR: “Financial Modelling Standards – where are we & what’s next?”
    Rickard Wärnelid (Mazars), Andrew Berkley (FAST Standard Organisation), David Lyford-Smith (ICAEW)
  • 20th Jan VIRTUAL WORKSHOP: “How Data Storytelling can help introverts communicate financial results”
    Alan Cameron-Sweeney Watch the recording here

Past Dates & Topics

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