Financial Modelling Workshops

All of these courses are available as public workshopscan be taken online, or run as an in-house course.

  • Financial Modelling for Non-Financial Modellers (1 day, Basic – includes “Financial Modeling for Dummies“) – for those new to Financial Modelling, this course will introduce the fundamentals and concepts of building a financial model using Excel. This is a practical course in which you will develop the skills to build your own financial model which can be taken away for future reference.  Available as a workshop and online this course is for those new to the concepts and/or with basic Excel skills.  It’s a great foundation builder for the other courses.
  • Financial Modelling in Excel (1 day, Intermediate – includes “Using Excel for Business and Financial Modelling”) – a hands-on course designed for business professionals who need to explore the practical usage of advanced Excel functions in a financial model. By creating your own user-friendly financial model, you will learn to translate business concepts into a structured format to identify weaknesses and predict future performance.  Available as a workshop and online.  This is for competent Excel users who need to explore the practical usage of Financial Modelling best practices in a model.
  • Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel (1 day, Advanced – includes“Using Excel for Business and Financial Modelling”) – Build on your existing modelling skills and apply new techniques to better analyse financial data, predict revenues and cost and assess risks to justify business decisions in the most time-efficient and effective way.  Available as a workshop and now also online!  This is for competent Excel users who are comfortable with fundamental best practice concepts, who want to learn advanced technical methods of Financial Modelling.

Purchase all three courses in an online package or if you’re located near Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, consider doing part online and part workshop.  Check out our mixed bundles. If you are not sure which course is right for you, contact us and we’ll get back to you with our recommendations.

More interested in Excel than Financial Modelling?

Whilst Excel is used heavily throughout these Financial Modelling courses there is more focus more on best practice techniques from a Financial Modelling perspective.  We realised though that many people are simply after just improving their Excel skills, and this is why we’ve created the new Essential Excel Workshop Series. It is especially designed for those who don’t have time to sit through extensive Excel “how to” training, this very practical course covers everything you need to perform your job and nothing you don’t!    

In-house training

Got several participants and want to run this course in-house? Try our in-house training!