Building Error Checks in Financial Models

We know that a well-designed financial model contains in-built, automatically calculating error checks and a good financial modeller is always looking for opportunities to build error checks into their model.

You can view the webinar recording below. This hour-long webinar contains a brief preview from our very popular Financial Modelling in Excel courses!

Throughout the webinar we cover:

  • Which errors need checking?
  • Which Excel error values not to use.
  • Why you should love your error values!
  • Types of model error.
  • Excel Horror Stories!
  • Strategies for reducing error.
  • Sense-checking cognitive bias.
  • Using error checks.
  • Circular References.
  • Tips for finding errors.

You can view the recording below

1. Download the presentation slides here

2. Download the Excel file used in the webinar

Go to our YouTube channel to watch this video in full screen.