Chandoo In-House

Would you like to have Chandoo run a session in-house at your organisation? Chandoo is visiting Australia in mid 2019 and is available for a limited number of private sessions during his visit.

Hire our venue, or if you’d like the course held at your office, you’ll need a meeting room (such as a boardroom) and a laptop for each participant installed with your preferred version of Excel and Power BI.

There are several advantages of arranging it in-house over attending a public course:

  • Schedule the dates around your company deadlines instead of waiting for a public course to run in your area
  • Having all participants from the same industry means you don’t waste time talking about aspects of the course irrelevant to your organisation
  • You can even arrange to have the course customised to use your own company templates or examples

Who is Chandoo?

Chandoo, known for his most popular Excel & Dashboard site, Chandoo.org is famous for his clear explanations, practical approach and Excel mastery. Chandoo has trained more than 5,000 professionals from all over the world in Excel, Advanced Excel, Dashboards, VBA & Project Management.

For his contribution to MS Excel users, Microsoft has awarded him the prestigious MVP award every year since 2009.

Chandoo (otherwise known as Purna Duggirala) is an MBA with more than ten years’ experience in Excel based dashboards, reporting & consulting, and regularly travels the world delivering his specialist workshops.

Download the brochure for the 2019 Chandoo Masterclass series

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