Infographics in Excel Presentation Files

Get ready to learn all about Infographics in Excel from an expert presenter! You can view the webinar recording below.

In it we cover:

Week 1: Introduction to Infographics In an environment where marketing and imagery is more important than ever, we explore how you, the everyday Excel user can present your data more effectively using infographics – and why you should.

Week 2: Technical Excel Skills for Infographics This module contains a brief introduction and overview of the technical Excel skills needed to create dynamic and robust infographics in Excel.

Week 3: Design Principles Explore methods and best practice design principles to design your infographic so that the message is instantly understood by a broad audience.

Week 4: Building your Infographic In this final module, students are encouraged to use their own data to create an infographic, and submit it for evaluation.

You can view the recording below

1. Download the PDF with a list of online resources here

2. Download the Excel infographics used in the webinar