Module 3 – Introduction to Conditional Formatting

This video contains three practical exercises to demonstrate how many conditional formatting options which can add extra meaning to an otherwise boring-looking piece of financial analysis.

  1. Automatically highlighting large variances in reporting
  2. Graphically show the magnitude of values on a report using data bars
  3. Adding visual interest to a table of data using colour scales

Download the Excel template for this video if you would like to follow along with the video demonstration.

Note that although it is not required, you are welcome to submit any models if you’d like us to check you’re on the right track. You may also download the completed version of the exercises at the end if you wish to compare your work.

This week’s homework:

  1. Download the Homework file here. Review the data and think about the message you want to show. Is it about livability or is it simply to make a comparison?
  2. Create a visualisation as a simple chart in Excel, or in Power Map (or both). Take care with your colours, alignments and fonts. Make it visually appealing, nice to look at, and easy to read!
  3. Save your file, and email to info@plumsolutions.com.au with the heading “Infographics – Week 2 Homework” and with your file as an attachment.

nb: Homework is entirely optional!