Skills Needed for Financial Modelling

There’s a lot more to being a good financial modeller than having good Excel skills!  In this video, we cover the key skills needed for Financial Modelling:

  1. Spreadsheeting / Technical Excel Skills
  2. Industry Knowledge
  3. Accounting Knowledge
  4. Business Knowledge
  5. Design skills
  6. Communication / language skills
  7. Numeracy skills
  8. Ability to think logically

Video length: 4 min 43 sec

This segment has been made publicly available as a preview as it forms part of our Financial Modelling in Excel (Intermediate) online course.  Download the course notes which accompany this section.

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Recommended Reading

See the section on “Skills Needed for Financial Modelling” in Chapter 1, page 17 of Using Excel for Business and Financial Modelling.

See this article for a list of Financial Modelling & Excel Resource Links as mentioned in the video.

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