FMI Level 1 Mock exam three-way model

Learning to build a fully dynamic three-way model is an important part of becoming a financial modeller, and a pre-requisite to being certified by the Financial Modeling Institute (FMI). A three-way model refers to the three financial statements of a company; the P&L (Income Statement), Cashflow and Balance Sheet. An FMI certified financial modeller should be able to build these statements, and link them dynamically so as to be able to perform scenario analysis;.. all in under four hours!


Becoming a Certified Financial Modeller

If you’re planning to take the FMI Financial Modelling Certification exams coming up on 2nd May, you should start practicing now!  It’s one of the most hands-on exams you’re ever likely to see; for Level 1 you need to build a full set of financial statements within the four hour time-frame and it’s certainly not for the faint-hearted. A lot of people fail (about 60% of them actually) and mostly because they simply run out of time. The best way to prepare for this gruelling exam is practice, practice and more practice! Timed practice session will help build stamina and give you the best possible chance of gaining this rigorous qualification.