Financial Modeling World Cup Case Study Walkthrough with John Lim

The Financial Modeling World Cup (FMWC) competition brings competitive modellers from all over the world and different backgrounds together online each month to learn, train, compete and improve their financial modelling skills through case studies. This session was organised by the Queensland CPA Business Committee Financial Modelling discussion group and co-hosted by Jessica D’Souza and Danielle Stein Fairhurst. 


Building a Rolling Forecast in Excel

Rolling forecastWe know that forecasting does not stop at the end of the financial year, and that updating models is both a significant effort and risk factor. Learn to build a rolling forecast, including dynamic formulas and dynamic seasonal linear trends using standard Excel functions.


Virtual Meetup: Pushing to Mobile with Low-Code and No-Code Financial Modelling tools

Pushing to Mobile with Low-Code and No-Code Financial Modelling toolsThe pace of technical innovation for financial modellers is accelerating. Although Microsoft Excel remains the best tool for deals modelling, recent innovations are augmenting, enhancing and going beyond the ordinary Excel spreadsheet.

The 2021 Global Financial Modelling survey highlighted the wider adoption of tools like PowerBI and Tableau, but equally exciting is the development of low-code and no-code tools for the purpose of building financial models. (more…)

Virtual Meetup: Harnessing Your Inner Financial Modeller

Harnessing Your Inner Financial ModellerDo you use Excel to prepare financial projections? Ever wish your forecasts had greater impact on business decisions in your organisation? You can take charge of these spreadsheets and offer your clients and colleagues a clearer, more accurate and insightful business tool. (more…)

Inheriting a Financial Model

When you take over and start using a financial model that someone else has built, not only are you inheriting the original modellers’ inputs, assumptions and calculations, but you may also be inheriting their mistakes! Using someone else’s model involves taking responsibility for their work and you want to be confident it’s working correctly. Hear from financial modelling specialist, Danielle Stein Fairhurst during the Financial Modelling Summit as she draws from the second edition of her book, Financial Modelling in Excel for Dummies, to learn some simple ways to check, audit, validate and, if necessary, correct legacy models so that you can be confident of the model’s results. (more…)

Virtual Meetup: Cash Flow Liquidity Planning and Forecasting in Excel

The COVID-19 crisis has made it even more obvious that companies that fail to plan and monitor their cash flow liquidity are planning to fail! Insightful, responsive and dynamic liquidity planning is a must-have for a robust business. Off-the-shelf software can be time-consuming and expensive to implement and does not always provide the necessary flexibility required for dynamic and transparent cash flow planning.

The solution is an Excel-based tool. (more…)

Virtual Meetup: Advancing into Analytics; from Excel to Python and R

Data analytics may seem daunting, but if you’re familiar with Excel, you have a head start that can help you make the leap into analytics.

Hear from author George Mount, founder and CEO of Stringfest Analytics give us an introduction to his new book, “Advancing into Analytics; from Excel to Python and R”. (more…)

Scenario Modelling in Excel Mini-Masterclass (Includes Monte Carlo Simulation)

This mini-masterclass with Financial Modelling in Excel specialist Danielle Stein Fairhurst shows various techniques for building scenarios into financial models. This session explores how to reduce uncertainty in decision-making with sensitivity and scenario analysis techniques, applying in-built standard spreadsheet tools, and understanding the inputs, assumptions and drivers when creating forecasts. (more…)

Virtual Meetup: I didn’t know Excel could do THAT

Hear from Excel legend Bob Umlas took us through some of his best Excel tips and tricks. Prepare to be amazed! Bob received the first ever Microsoft Excel MVP award back in 1993, continued to receive it for 25 years after that and is still the longest-running MVP.

He has written numerous books, and hosted & presented at many conferences, and been a beta-tester for Excel for production.His latest book, “Cool Excel Sh*t” is now available from Holy Macro books. (more…)