Finance Team, Melbourne

Danielle created an interactive and engaging course. There was an equal amount of visuals to help cement the way that I learn. Practice will make perfect but there is a great foundation – thank you!

Incredibly engaging! Made the course fun.

I really liked it all. I am very new to my Excel journey (beyond the super basics) and this provided me with the extra skills I need towards my role.

Dashboard Reporting in Modern Excel, Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel, Live, Online training
November – December 2023

Danielle Cheek l Chartered Accountant

I really enjoyed Danielle’s warm, engaging presentation style and her obvious expertise with the training material. I also loved the fact it could be taken as a live, online course – something that would not have been accessible to me had it been an in-house workshop. I had been following Danielle for a while on LinkedIn and was actually delighted when it was offered as an online course.

The time spent figuring out various problems with a small group in the break-out rooms also worked well.

I also thought the pre-training individual meeting was a lovely way to initially engage with everyone.

I liked that the course didn’t just take us through the technical aspects of how to build a dashboard, but also included info such as which chart type to use, how visual information is interpreted, dos and don’ts and simple, understandable dashboards vs bad ones.

I enjoyed chatting with like-minded people who I wouldn’t normally have access to working from home generally on my own. As an introvert, this worked really well for me.

Not only did I learn new things, but the course also highlighted areas for my development which was very useful.

Dashboard Reporting in Modern Excel (Online and Live) Workshop, June 2020