Have you ever built a fantastic Excel model only to have the user “break” it almost straight away? Building a model widely available for anyone to use is very different process to building one for other modellers. If your model is going to be operated by non-Excel users, the challenge is to build a robust model that will stand the test of time but is simple for others to follow as well as bullet-proof so that they can’t mess it up.

Hear from Excel specialist, Szilvia Juhasz as she shows us;

  • How to balance complex requirements on the back end with need for “simplicity” on the front end
  • Trade-offs: Modern Excel or Classic Excel

We’ll be discussing real world techniques such as;

  • Creative design techniques for built in instructions (light VBA required)
  • Wizards
  • Data validation dropdowns in lieu of complex formulas (* legend alert * the tip that stumped Bill Jelen and Bob Umlas!)


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