Copilot in Excel

Let’s dive in and find out the latest from Microsoft Copilot and how it can help us when using Excel! Join us to hear from Excel YouTuber and Copilot aficionado, David Fortin as he takes us through how we can use Copilot and other AI technologies to learn, get better in Excel and streamline our spreadsheet models. David is a CPA specialising in FP&A and M&A and now teaches Excel in a modern way. In this special live event, (more…)

Static Charts vs. Interactive Dynamic Charts in Excel

Static charts are great for data storytelling but with good Excel skills we can add some spice by having control over how the chart is dynamically presented. With Form Controls or PivotTable slicers, we can determine what to display on the visualisation and progressively reveal each of its data points as we advance through the presentation. With Excel’s new calculation engine, including spilled ranges and the new functions of Dynamic Arrays, implementation becomes much easier. Watch to hear from Data Consultant and (more…)

How Financial Modelling skills can help you on the CFO path

According to top finance experts, the most in-demand “hard skills” for senior finance leaders are financial modelling and analysis. Being able to convert numbers and formulas into strategic and insightful decision-making is, without question, one of the hardest technical skills to master. Watch to hear from financial modelling industry expert, Lance Rubin on how to track your career path towards the most sought-after jobs in Finance. (more…)

Creating Powerful Excel Reports with Power BI Data

Microsoft continues to promote the importance of Excel and Power BI (“Better Together”). Still, once you’re in Power BI, there are very limited options foputting standard Excel on top of your existing Power BI Models.

Watch  to hear from reporting specialist, Paul Martin as he takes us through how to use the companion Excel solution; EiB ReportStudio to create robust, dynamic and easy to build Excel reports directly from your Power BI Data Model.


Vancouver Power BI & Modern Excel User Group: Reducing Errors in Excel Financial Models

It’s never been more important to have a dynamic financial model to accurately predict business outcomes and forecast volatile economic inputs. One of the biggest issues facing users of Excel, particularly for those building financial models is the possibility of error. Join us to hear from financial modelling specialist, Danielle Stein Fairhurst as she visits the Vancouver Power BI & Modern Excel User Group to explain financial modelling best practices for robust and dynamic models, dos, don’ts and ways to reduce the risk of error for building financial models in Excel. (more…)

Mastering Excel: a Roadmap for the Average Modeller

Microsoft Excel continues to evolve at an incredible pace. The introduction of new features and functions like Dynamic Arrays, LET and LAMBDA open up a whole new world of possibilities for modellers. Those at the cutting edge of these Excel features are more excited than they’ve ever been. But what about the vast majority of Excel users who still struggle with the basics? How can they keep up, and how can we, as a global community, help them cut through the hype? Watch to hear from financial modeller Giles Male, co-founder at Full Stack Modeller during his visit to Sydney.


Financial Modeling Institute (FMI) Exam Learning Resources

If you’re thinking about sitting for the FMI Level 1 Financial Modelling Certification exams, you’d better get started with your preparation as they’re not easy! As a MFM (Level 3 Master Financial Modeler), an exam proctor and an FMI approved training provider, many people ask me about the exam, so here’s some information you will find useful. (more…)