Mastering Excel: a Roadmap for the Average Modeller

Microsoft Excel continues to evolve at an incredible pace. The introduction of new features and functions like Dynamic Arrays, LET and LAMBDA open up a whole new world of possibilities for modellers. Those at the cutting edge of these Excel features are more excited than they’ve ever been. But what about the vast majority of Excel users who still struggle with the basics? How can they keep up, and how can we, as a global community, help them cut through the hype? Watch to hear from financial modeller Giles Male, co-founder at Full Stack Modeller during his visit to Sydney.


Financial Modeling Institute (FMI) Exam Learning Resources

If you’re thinking about sitting for the FMI Level 1 Financial Modelling Certification exams, you’d better get started with your preparation as they’re not easy! As a MFM (Level 3 Master Financial Modeler), an exam proctor and an FMI approved training provider, many people ask me about the exam, so here’s some information you will find useful. (more…)

Women in Financial Modelling Scholarship Announcement

Plum Solutions is very pleased to announce that in partnership with the Financial Modeling Institute (FMI), we will be offering a “Women in Financial Modelling” scholarship aimed at empowering and advancing women within the financial modelling industry. (more…)

Scalable Modelling; using MS Fabric to dislodge OLAP cubes (Future of Financial Modelling Part 3)

Join us for an enlightening meetup as we continue our journey into the Future of Financial Modelling, powered by cutting-edge technology and AI. Hosted by Danielle Stein Fairhurst, Part 3 in this series culminates with an in-depth exploration of Microsoft Fabric, presented by technology and financial modelling expert, Lance Rubin. He delves into its potential to disrupt traditional OLAP Cube modelling systems that will revolutionise traditional accounting, (more…)

Tips for promoting your Financial Modelling skills and building your profile

You’ve got fantastic technical modelling skills – you’ve even got a qualification to prove it. But how do you let people know?  Even if your skills are top-notch, you still need to market yourself to improve your career opportunities. Effectively communicating our accomplishments is a challenge for many of us and can lead to being overlooked within the corporate landscape. Let’s look at how financial modellers of all backgrounds can showcase our capabilities and promote ourselves online and offline, both internally and in the wider community.

Last week I was asked to lead a webinar on this topic for the Financial Modeling Institute (more…)

Sept 23 Update from Oman

I’m on the road again! I’ve just landed in Muscat, Oman and tomorrow inshallah we kick off a three day in-house course here on “Data Visualisation & Dashboards in Modern Excel”.

Of course, “Modern Excel” refers to any version of Excel released from Excel 2010 onward when it introduced those FABULOUS new tools such as Power Pivot, Power Query and Power BI and we’ve never looked back. (more…)

Leveraging Excel Innovations of the Microsoft Stack (Future of Financial Modelling Part 2)

Financial modelling is an essential skill that straddles business, accounting, and technology, and will continue to do so. In order to build good financial models, we increasingly rely on accessible and reliable data. Although the complexity of this data layer varies depending on the organisation and its level of maturity, all large organisations do eventually outgrow the unregulated “wild west” nature of spreadsheets. (more…)

Future of Financial Modelling with ChatGPT – or not? (Part 1)

As AI technology evolves rapidly through advances such as ChatGPT, let’s consider how this will impact the financial modelling industry. Join industry leaders Jeff Robson, Lance Rubin and Craig Hatmaker and host Danielle Stein Fairhurst for a virtual meetup to discuss how these technological advancements might impact the process of building a model along with the role and skills of a financial modeller both today and in the future. (more…)