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This module forms part of the FMI Level 1 – Exam Preparation online course.

As a first step, you should pre-register for the exam directly with FMI. That way, the Institute knows that you are intending to take the exam, and you’ll be sent any additional information you might need, such as invitations to webinars, or any changes to the exam format. Upon registration, you will receive a discount code to register for the exam with FMI.

Before starting this course, download and read through the requirements and information available on the FMI website. Candidates are expected to devote between 25 and 100 hours to preparation in total and you should begin your preparation by familiarising yourself with the information available:

Body of Knowledge
Review the core knowledge, competencies, and topics that form the basis of the material for your Level 1 certification exam.

Skills Checklist
Assess your exam readiness by using the skills checklist as you study and advance closer to the exam date.

Sample Exams
Practice and familiarize yourself with collection of industry prepared sample exams and previous AFM exam submissions.

Study Guide
Designed to give you a clear understanding of what to study and how to structure your time to ensure you are adequately prepared for your AFM Exam.