How does it work?

Two weeks prior to your exam date, you will be emailed the exam instructions and Excel file on the Friday. It will be a new exam paper you’ve not seen before and you should try to complete the exam in one 4 hour sitting exactly as you will on exam day. If you get the exam back to us by midday AEDT on Monday, your exam will be sent to the examiner and you’ll have your individualised results back in a week.

How is it marked?

At the conclusion of the exam, you’ll need to email the file to us. Your model will be review by an examiner from FMWC and you’ll be provided with feedback at least one week prior the final exam date.

Can I get the exam papers elsewhere?

The exam papers are completely case studies that you will not be able to obtain anywhere else.

Will you provide me with the completed version?

Yes. Plus, if you complete the mock exam in time, you’ll get feedback on which areas you need to improve in, and if you take the study buddy option, you’ll be reviewing your buddy’s model as well.

What support is provided?

You will receive automatic access to the monthly Plum Support Centre sessions upon signing up, and for 8 weeks prior to the exam you’ll get invitations for one-on-one weekly progress check-ins with Danielle Stein Fairhurst. 

Can I take part in the Level 1 Mock Exam without being enrolled in the Exam Prep Online course?

Yes. You are still welcome to do self-study on your own, and participate in the mock exam without taking the online course. You may purchase it here. At this stage, we do not have a Level 2 online exam prep course available. The best way to prepare for Level 2 is to take part in the Financial Modeling World Cup.

Do you provide instruction materials as well?

The mock exam includes case study materials only, not course materials. You can purchase the Level 1 exam prep online course separately.  At this stage we do not have a Level 2 exam prep online course available.

When is the Mock Exam?

It is generally held two weeks prior to the FMI exam, and the time of day will be advised closer to the time.

What happens if I can’t make the exam at the same time as everyone else?

You can take the exam at any time over the weekend and you’ll be responsible for your own time keeping. Your exam will need to be completed and submitted by Monday morning.

Who organises the Mock Exams?

The mock exams are a joint partnership between Plum Solutions and the Financial Modeling World Cup (FMWC). Plum administers the exam sitting and FMWC sets the questions, and provides the individualised feedback.

What are the credentials of the organisers?

Both companies are FMI Approved Training Providers. Danielle Stein Fairhurst from Plum Solutions and Andrew Grigolyunovich from Financial Modeling World Cup (FMWC) both hold Level 2 CFM qualifications. Plum has been providing proctors to administer the FMI exams since 2019, and the team at FMWC regularly consult to FMI on case study preparation and marking.


Participation in the mock exam and/or online training course does not in any way guarantee your exam results and the online course and mock exams content have not been vetted by FMI. Your trainer, Danielle Stein Fairhurst is the Principal of Plum Solutions and has been the Head Proctor for FMI exams. She is on the Advisory Council of FMI and although Plum Solutions is an FMI Approved Training Provider, it is an independent body, not part of the Institute, and does not represent them. Plum Solutions will not be held responsible for changes in the exam content, conditions or advice given.

What happens if I fail the exam? FMI say that only around 40% of candidates actually pass the Level 1 exam, so it is possible that you won’t get through on the first try. But with proper preparation, your chances of passing are much higher! Your online course access is valid for a year, so you can simply go through the course materials again, and there are some extension options available if you need longer. Your course registration includes one Mock Exam attempt, but you will be most welcome to sit it again at a reduced price.