FMI Exam Prep Study Group + Mock Exam

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Join the Level 1 FMI Exam Prep Study Group.

Starting on 10 September, a group of candidates will get together on Zoom each week to discuss topics and their progress in preparing for the exam. On 10 October, a live, online mock exam will be held.

Session 1: Thurs, 10 Sept 7pm AEST / 9am UTC

Discussion topics: Basic Excel skills & Essential Formulas (modules 1-3)

Session 2: Thurs, 17 Sept 7pm AEST / 9am UTC

Discussion topics: Techniques, Best Practice and 3 Way Modelling (modules 4-6)

Session 3: Thurs, 24 Sept 7pm AEST / 9am UTC

Discussion topics: Model Planning, Setup, Assumptions, Scenarios, Revenue Schedule & COGS (modules 7-9)

Session 4: Thurs, 1 Oct 7pm AEST / 9am UTC

Discussion topics: Depreciation, Tax, Working Capital, Debt Schedule (modules 10-12)

Session 5: Thurs, 8 Oct 7pm AEST / 8am UTC

Discussion topics: Equity, Summary Page, Formatting, Presentation (modules 13-14)

Mock Exam: Sat, 10 Oct 6pm AEST / 7am UTC

Each week, you’ll be expected to complete the assigned modules in the exam prep course, or complete your self-study so that you’ll be able to contribute to the discussion. Note that this study group + mock exam program does not include any study materials. It is designed to supplement the Exam Prep Online course although it can also be taken independently.
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