Financial Modeling Institute (FMI) Exam Learning Resources

If you’re thinking about sitting for the FMI Level 1 Financial Modelling Certification exams, you’d better get started with your preparation as they’re not easy! As a MFM (Level 3 Master Financial Modeler), an exam proctor and an FMI approved training provider, many people ask me about the exam, so here’s some information you will find useful. (more…)

Women in Financial Modelling Scholarship Announcement

Plum Solutions is very pleased to announce that in partnership with the Financial Modeling Institute (FMI), we will be offering a “Women in Financial Modelling” scholarship aimed at empowering and advancing women within the financial modelling industry. (more…)

Scalable Modelling; using MS Fabric to dislodge OLAP cubes (Future of Financial Modelling Part 3)

Join us for an enlightening meetup as we continue our journey into the Future of Financial Modelling, powered by cutting-edge technology and AI. Hosted by Danielle Stein Fairhurst, Part 3 in this series culminates with an in-depth exploration of Microsoft Fabric, presented by technology and financial modelling expert, Lance Rubin. He delves into its potential to disrupt traditional OLAP Cube modelling systems that will revolutionise traditional accounting, (more…)

Developing Models to Prevent User Error

If you’ve had any experience building financial models for others to use, you’re probably familiar with the ways users can use and misuse your model. In fact, one of the key sources of financial model error occurs when a model is not used for its intended purpose or users enter invalid inputs which cause incorrect calculations and inadvertent output error. (more…)

Excel for Microsoft 365 Game Changers

Excel today is not the Excel of yesterday. Dynamic Array Functions and Custom Data Types are just two of the relatively new must-know game-changing features. In this session, Microsoft trainer Mike Thomas gives us a tour of the most useful techniques, incorporating practical use cases that can help take your productivity in Excel to the next level.


Virtual Debate: Fractional, Virtual or Outsourced CFOs

What’s the difference between a fractional, virtual or outsourced CFO? How much strategic planning, forecasting and financial modelling do they actually do, or are they just glorified bookkeepers over-charging at CFO rates? A good CFO will build forward-looking financial models to help businesses make better decisions but an external consultant marketing themselves as a fractional, virtual or outsourced CFO can simply manage day to day cashflow, month end and process payroll, receivables and payables, so misrepresenting and devaluing the role of the CFO. (more…)

Problem-solving with Financial Models 

Excel is a versatile piece of software and the techniques used to build financial models can also be applied to solve other problems using Excel. Many modellers compete in various competitions which explore the use of Excel for recreational problem solving where we can often develop or pick up new techniques and methods that prove useful in traditional modelling situations. (more…)

Should you use Macros in Financial Modelling?

Macros in Financial Modelling

Many aspiring modellers think that they need to be proficient in macro building in order to become serious financial modellers. Whilst it’s not a bad idea to have a working knowledge of macros—and the language they are built in, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)—it’s certainly not critical for a financial modeller to become a super VBA programmer. As we know, the best sort of financial model uses the simplest tools and introducing macros to a financial model brings a whole new level of complexity.