Using Excel for Business Analysis – First Edition Supplementary Materials

This supplementary content is to accompany the first edition of this book.  The second edition supplementary content is available here.

This supplementary content is to accompany the first edition of this book.  The second edition supplementary content is available here.

Welcome to the website to accompany the book titled Using Excel for Business Analysis: A Guide to Financial Modelling Fundamentals by Danielle Stein Fairhurst.

The supplementary content for Using Excel for Business Analysis consists of several documents which supplement the information in the book, including additional instructions, materials, downloads, and models.  Each chapter (except chapter 1) has its own Excel file which contains a soft copy of the many screenshots shown throughout the book, and their applicable page numbers.  Using these files, you’ll be able to recreate many of the modelling situations, tools and functions described in the book.  Several Excel model exercises and sample models have also been included.

Please also visit www.plumsolutions.com.au/elearning if you would like to register for the Plum Solutions online courses that corresponds to the book.  These accompanying files have been made freely available by the author, but they might not make sense without the book.  If you wish to purchase a copy of Using Excel for Business Analysis, please visit www.plumsolutions.com.au/book.

Details of the supplementary material contained in this folder has been outlined below:

  • Excel 2003 Instructions.pdf a detailed document containing instructions for how to use tools for which instructions differ between versions – for those still using Excel 2003
  • Additional Material.pdf:  basically stuff we couldn’t fit in the book!
    – Basic Formatting (Chapter 7)
    – Break Even Analysis (Chapter 9)
    – How to Create a Basic Line Chart (Chapter 12)

Chapter 1

Online Resources.pdf:  a list of great free online resources including a list of websites, blogs, and tutorials for Excel and financial modelling (p18)

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

  • Excel Exercise file Chap 4.xls
    – Excel Error
    – Error Check
    – Error Check Options
    – Error Check Example
    – Error Check Alert
  • Long formulas.xls  A model which demonstrates different ways of designing a formula, and different tools for rebuilding an inherited model.

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

  • Excel Exercise file Chap 6.xls
    – Aggregation
    – Incorrect SUMIF
    – LOOKUP
    – OFFSET
    – Cash Flow using OFFSET
    – CHOOSE
    – Date Formulas
    – Working with Dates
    – NPV & IRR
    – XNPV & XIRR
    – Loan Calculation

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

  • Excel Exercise file Chap 9.xls
    – Escalation Methods
    – Exponential Growth Rates
    – Nominal & Effect Functions
    – Cumulative Totals
    – Simple Payback
    – Payback Workings
    – More Complex Payback
    – WACC
    – Flat Tiering
    – Progressive Tiering
    – Depreciation Calculation
    – Depreciation End of Useful Life
    – Break Even Chart
    – Break Even Formula
    – Break Even Goal Seek

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

  • Excel Exercise file Chap 12.xls
    – Presenting Model Results
    – Which Chart Type
    – Donut Chart
    – Other Chart Types
    – Comparison Charts
    – Dynamic Named Ranges
    – Tenancy Example
    – Two Axes
    – Bubble Chart
  • Waterfall Chart.xls