Advancing technology in financial modelling and forecasting is certainly reducing the reliance on humans to do the forecasting and planning/automation in AI, putting even highly technical skills (like financial modelling) at risk of being made redundant.

Modular spreadsheet development is already rapidly reducing the time it takes to build models, so what does that mean for those wanting to learn the fundamental skills of building a model?


Watch this special event in our virtual meetup series as we hear from three professional financial modellers Myles Arnott (Clarity Consultancy Services), Kenny Whitelaw Jones (Gridlines) and Lance Rubin (Model Citizn) who will tackle these questions in the context of these three core aspects of financial modelling:

  • Excel skills. Isn’t Excel dead? Should I bother to learn Excel at all now that the technology already exists to build a financial model for me?
  • 3-way modelling. Why learn to build financial statements when modular spreadsheets and templates are quicker and easier to use?
  • Tech stack of modelling. There is so much technology available for accounting, finance and financial modelling available. Which should I put in the effort to learn?

In addition, we cover:

  • How do you respond to these changes in the industry and what are the key things you can do today to prepare for this change?
  • What does it take to be a complete professional financial modeller?
  • What’s the most important skills, Excel, 3-way modelling or the technology driving it?
  • What does this all mean for the future of financial modellers in our community?
  • How does analytics and financial modelling come together and do we need to learn new data and coding skills?

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