Pushing to Mobile with Low-Code and No-Code Financial Modelling toolsThe pace of technical innovation for financial modellers is accelerating. Although Microsoft Excel remains the best tool for deals modelling, recent innovations are augmenting, enhancing and going beyond the ordinary Excel spreadsheet.

The 2021 Global Financial Modelling survey highlighted the wider adoption of tools like PowerBI and Tableau, but equally exciting is the development of low-code and no-code tools for the purpose of building financial models.

Hear from tech expert financial modeller Lance Rubin as he discusses low-code and no-code technology and demonstrates its use in the context of PowerBI to bring rapid decisions and insights straight to mobile without writing a single line of DAX, Mscript or any other complex code.

These tools make deployment of decisions easier, quicker and more accessible to citizen developers and modellers, enabling many non-IT or user without coding expertise to deploy highly valuable and insightful decision making tools and models easily.


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Here’s the link we mentioned during the session and the technologies demonstrated were Inforiver and ValQ.
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