All financing projects are slightly different, so when building a financial model for the purpose of gaining long-term financing, it’s very difficult to standardise project models of different natures. Join us to hear from Paris-based financial modelling author, lecturer and investment banker, Hedieh Kianyfard to discuss hints and tricks for model review.

Throughout her years of experience when reviewing financial models, Hedieh realised that usually the same issues appear time and time again. So, to save time, she made a checklist of the preliminary items the modeller should go through on the first round of inspections when they first inherit a financial model. It is certainly not an exhaustive list and should be the start of a conversation about what you should be looking for when reviewing a financial model and will help you prepare your model preliminary review report.

During this live, interactive virtual meetup we went through the checklist together and discussed how we can use the checklist to make a decision on whether to adopt an inherited financial model, audit further or to rebuild the model entirely from scratch.