Virtual Meetup: The Three most useful Functions in Excel

It’s hard to pick formula favourites but we’re going to give it a go. Excel trainer Alan Murray streaming live from London explains what he loves about the SUMPRODUCT, SUMIFS and INDEX functions (and maybe a few more!)

Alan is an Excel trainer, YouTuber and freelance writer. He has been helping people in Excel for over 20 years. He loves training and the joy he gets from knowing he is making peoples working lives easier. (more…)

Virtual Meetup: Getting started with Dynamic Array functions in Excel

Come and meet the new Excel superheroes – FILTER, SORT, UNIQUE etc. These dynamic array functions are going to change the way you look at Excel. Join Excel MVP and Power BI specialist Chandoo (a.k.a. Purna Duggirala) to learn all about these new DA functions with plenty of examples.

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Virtual Meetup: Building a Financial Model with New Dynamic Array Functions

Excel’s new Dynamic Array functions are now generally available and will be appearing in your Office 365 toolset any day now. What are they and why should you care?

They’re self-replicating formulas that allow you to build models the way they always should have been built: with consistent formulas that don’t allow anyone to “just change this value”, and which automatically extend themselves.