Virtual Meetup: Power Query versus Excel Formulas

Power Query is a fantastic automation tool for extracting, collating and cleaning data to use in our excel models. But is it really the essential tool Microsoft would have us believe? Sometimes it’s quicker and easier, not to mention simpler for other to follow to use standard Excel formulas.


Virtual Meetup: Building the Financial Model Dashboard

Building the financial model dashboardHosted by Bayfield Training CEO Sonia Martin-Gutierrez, Principal Financial Modeller at Plum Solutions, Danielle Stein Fairhurst shows how to summarise the outputs of your financial model using standard Excel skills into a concise, dynamic and visually appealing one-page dashboard report which can effectively communicate the results of your model to be easily interpreted and understood by others at a glance. (more…)

Virtual Meetup: Equity Crowdfunding in the Financial Modelling Tech Space

A few months ago Kenny Whitelaw-Jones showed our virtual meetup group how it’s becoming easier to build complex models in record time using modular model build tool Openbox, a new structured financial modelling environment that sits on top of Excel.

Since then, 150 beta users have taken the software through three rounds of private beta. (more…)

Virtual Meetup: Introduction to Dashboard Reporting in Modern Excel

With the huge amount of data available to us every day, a well-built and visually appealing dashboard is one of the best ways to interpret and communicate large quantities of information. Learn to quickly and effectively communicate the results of your analysis to be easily interpreted and understood by others at a glance. Hear from Excel modelling specialist, Danielle Stein Fairhurst as she provides an introduction to her popular online workshop “Dashboard Reporting in Modern Excel”. (more…)

Virtual Meetup: Is software going to take the jobs of modellers, and is it still relevant to learn Excel?

Advancing technology in financial modelling and forecasting is certainly reducing the reliance on humans to do the forecasting and planning/automation in AI, putting even highly technical skills (like financial modelling) at risk of being made redundant.

Modular spreadsheet development is already rapidly reducing the time it takes to build models, so what does that mean for those wanting to learn the fundamental skills of building a model? (more…)

Virtual Meetup: Building a KPI-based HR Dashboard in Excel

A critical skill for the business professional to learn is how to handle data proficiently and analyzing it using the right tool, particularly in the area of human resources. Traditional HR practices have shifted from transactional to data driven practices which are business focused and result oriented. The HR Dashboard effectively demonstrates the key HR Data that provide insights necessary for decision-making that achieves business results. (more…)