Virtual Meetup: FMI Level 1 Advanced Financial Modeler Exam Prep Session

FMI Level 1 Advanced Financial Modeler Exam Prep SessionIf you are thinking about sitting for the next FMI Level 1 Financial Modelling certification exam, you may be wondering what to expect on the day, or how you can best get ready to give yourself the best possible chance of success. In this session we hear from FMI representative, Julian Cupillari and FMI Approved Training Provider, Danielle Stein Fairhurst to find out more about the exam. We will be sharing some tips and tricks to help you prepare and will also be joined by a panel of AFM modellers from around the world (Nicole Cambridge, Jamie Hughes, Adza Stella Vajime and Rafi Al Kabid) who were answering audience questions and sharing their strategies on how they passed and gained this rigorous qualification!


Virtual Meetup: Score my Model out of 10: a Guide to Model Risk Scoring

Many attempts have been made to objectively measure the quality, risk and simplicity of financial models. As analytics improve and model metadata can be collected more easily, are we entering a period where risk scores are entirely automated? Are we moving towards a future where risk scores are not only readily available but also automatically take into account the model’s commercial context, environment and users?


Virtual Meetup: Fun & Games with Excel Range Names

The use of Named Ranges can divide the Excel community, especially amongst financial modellers. Some users hate them, and others love them. If names are well structured and used correctly, they can;

  • improve model structure
  • cut down development and maintenance time
  • • make formulas easier to read and understand – self documenting
  • • remove some of the limitations of formatted tables
  • • work well with dynamic arrays


VIRTUAL MEETUP: Efficiency and Gamification in Financial Modelling

Efficiency and Gamification in Financial ModellingCan you build a DCF financial model in less than two minutes? Excel speed, efficiency and accuracy are critical skills for aspiring financial modellers to learn in today’s competitive environment. Put your skills to the test during this live and interactive meetup with financial modeller and gamification expert Tatiana Ufimtceva who will show us some efficiency tips, tricks and shortcuts for how to improve your financial modelling skills.


Virtual Meetup: Programming and Problem Solving in Excel – an example in two parts

Excel is a versatile piece of software and has a lot of the characteristics of a programming language. The techniques used to build financial models can also be applied to solve other problems using Excel. By exploring the use of Excel for recreational problem solving we can often develop or pick up new techniques and methods that prove useful in traditional modelling situations. (more…)

VIRTUAL MEETUP: Financial Modeling World Cup – Case Study Walkthrough

Financial Modeling World Cup – Case Study WalkthroughThe Financial Modeling World Cup (FMWC) continues the traditions of ModelOff, bringing competitive modellers from all over the world and different backgrounds come together to learn, train and compete.

FMWC rankings are lead by some of the world’s best financial analysts. During this unique virtual meetup session, one of the top FMWC performers demonstrates a step-by-step case walkthrough of their approach to solving competition cases. Get inside the mind of one of a top financial modeller as we walk through how they solved one of the challenging FMWC case studies from beginning to end.