The cheat sheet for “Financial Modeling in Excel for Dummies” is also now available!  All Dummies books include cheat sheets which summarise important themes or content from the book into a single place. The cheat sheet is publicly available on the Dummies site, and you can access it without purchasing the book. Here’s what’s covered in the cheat sheet:

Essential Excel Functions for Building Financial Models

Financial modelling is ALL about the functions! Basically, the whole point of building a financial model is so that when the inputs change, the outputs change as well – so a good financial modeller will know lots of lots of functions.  Check out my list of favourite Excel functions.

What to Look for when Checking or Auditing a Financial Model

In a perfect world, we get to build our own financial models from scratch, but in my experience, that rarely happens!  We usually are charged with the task of taking apart other peoples’ models, checking, verifying and making sure they are correct before taking them on as our own.  When you inherit someone else’s financial model, you want to make sure that you’re not inheriting their mistakes as well. Use my checklist of things to look for when inherit a financial model.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Financial Modellers

If you’re spending a lot of time using Excel for the purpose of financial modelling, you’ll find that it’s much faster, more accurate, not to mention better ergonomically to use the keyboard instead of the mouse.  Keyboard shortcuts will save you a lot of time (and wrist strain) during the model building process.  I’ve created a list of what are, in my opinion, the shortcuts that are most useful for financial modellers.