When I meet someone socially and they are foolish enough to ask me about my work, I might talk for a little bit about financial modelling and usually they’ve never heard of it, so their eyes glaze over and they start looking at their watch. Hastily, I ask if they’ve ever used Excel and they start scanning the room for someone else to talk to. I have discovered that talking about competing and commentating in the Financial Modeling World Cup and Microsoft Excel Esport battles is more relatable and yes they still think I’m slightly odd, but they do remember me!

Well done to the FMWC for bringing Excel as Esports to the masses (and for helping me sound interesting). The Road to Las Vegas Excel Esports Season consists of 9 independent battles held throughout the year. The winners of these battles automatically bypass the Qualification Round for the biggest Excel Esports event of the year Microsoft Excel World Championship the finals of which will be held in Las Vegas on 9th December. 


If you’re new to the world of Excel Esports, check out the documentary below by People Make Games which gives a good overview of the how the competitions work. Don’t be put off by the creepy thumbnail!