It’s no secret that financial modelling is an industry that lacks gender diversity and that is particularly shown in the ModelOff Financial Modelling World in which very few women make it to the finals.

Today ModelOff has published an article on Creating an environment of success for women in finance and technology: 9 amazing women share their stories  to showcase some of the talent we have in finance and technology and to share advice for women looking to build careers in these industries and promote the kinds of actions and behaviours that can help overcome the lack of diversity.

I was pleased to be a speaker at the Sydney ModelOff Training Camp last year (albeit the only female one) and I’m delighted to be profiled in the article.  Hilary Smart from Operis London was reigning world champion in 2013 although sadly last year, no women made it to the financial modelling championship finals. In the article, nine of us, including Hilary chat with ModelOff to uncover our stories and identify what we see as the most important learnings from our own careers and what we think still needs to happen to improve gender diversity in the workplace.  Read the article