As AI technology evolves rapidly through advances such as ChatGPT, let’s consider how this will impact the financial modelling industry. Join industry leaders Jeff Robson, Lance Rubin and Craig Hatmaker and host Danielle Stein Fairhurst for a virtual meetup to discuss how these technological advancements might impact the process of building a model along with the role and skills of a financial modeller both today and in the future. What a short time ago seemed unthinkable is rapidly becoming reality whilst what appears to be simple and straightforward is still a long way from being achievable. Microsoft 365 Copilot has been announced with much fanfare, but when will be available and how useful will it be for working in Excel? Join some of the most cutting-edge financial modellers in this space for a sneak peek into the future of our profession as we discuss the impact AI technology will have for the use of Excel and other software for financial modellers.

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