You’re invited to join the Sydney CPA Discussion Group for a Hybrid Event:

Excel is a versatile piece of software and the techniques used to build financial models can also be applied to solve other problems using Excel. Many modellers compete in various competitions which explore the use of Excel for recreational problem solving where we can often develop or pick up new techniques and methods that prove useful in traditional modelling situations.

Join Microsoft MVP and Excel Esports commentator Tim Heng for our very first hybrid meetup event as he demonstrates conventional and out-of-the-box modeling solutions to deal with varied Excel challenges.

• Date
Wednesday, 24th August 2022 at 6:30pm AEDT

• About your Speaker
Tim has over 15 years’ experience in developing and reviewing financial models across a range of industries and sectors, throughout Australia and internationally. . Currently he is a Director of Australian consulting firm SumProduct. Tim writes articles for several newsletters published by the Society of Actuaries (US), and has been a regular presenter at conferences, training courses and webinars. He is a frequent host of the Financial Modelling World Cup live competitions.

• About your Host
Danielle Stein Fairhurst is a financial modelling specialist and the author of several books on financial modelling. Like Tim, Danielle is a Microsoft MVP and commentates Excel and Financial Modelling Esports. She has regular engagements around Australia and globally as a speaker, course facilitator, financial modelling consultant and analyst.

• Meetup Format
This is a hybrid event. Please arrive by 6pm and livestreaming will begin at 6.30pm. If you wish to receive a copy of the recording, please register online. You are most welcome to register both online and in person if you wish.