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Our Financial Modelling in Excel LinkedIn Group is now over 55,000+ members!  Founded and moderated by Plum Solutions since 2009, the group contains hundreds of relevant and informative posts and discussions by financial modellers all over the world. 

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We are planning further meetups.  You may also be eligible to claim Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points for attending these sessions.

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Past Dates & Topics

2020 Dates

  • Wed 16th Dec VIRTUAL MEETUP: “Efficiency and Gamification in Financial Modelling”
    Tatiana Ufimtceva Watch the recording here
  • Wed 9th Dec VIRTUAL MEETUP: “Financial Modeling World Cup – Case Study Walkthrough”
    Jason Webber Watch the recording here
  • Mon 7th Dec VIRTUAL MEETUP: “Programming and Problem Solving in Excel – an example in two parts”
    Dan Mayoh & Diarmuid Early  Watch the recording here
  • Tues 1st Dec “Power Query versus Excel Formulas”
    VIRTUAL DEBATE: David Benaim & Alan Murray Watch the recording here
  • Wed 18th Nov “Building the Financial Model Dashboard” with Bayfield Training
    PARTNER WEBINAR: Danielle Stein Fairhurst Watch the recording here
  • Wed 4th Nov “Introduction to Budgeting & Forecasting in Excel”
    WEBINAR: Danielle Stein Fairhurst  Watch the recording here
  • Wed 28th Oct “Equity Crowdfunding in the Financial Modelling Tech Space”
    VIRTUAL MEETUP:  Kenny Whitelaw-Jones Watch the recording here
  • Tues 20th Oct “Building a PowerBI visualisation for a 3-way Financial Model ”
    VIRTUAL MEETUP: Lance Rubin Watch the recording here
  • Tues 13th Oct “Introduction to Dashboard Reporting in Modern Excel”
    WEBINAR: Danielle Stein Fairhurst Watch the recording here
  • Mon 12th Oct  “Is software going to take the jobs of modellers, and is it still relevant to learn Excel?”
    VIRTUAL DEBATE: Myles Arnott, Kenny Whitelaw Jones and Lance Rubin Watch the recording here
  • Tues 29th Sept “Building a KPI-based HR Dashboard in Excel”
    VIRTUAL MEETUP: Md. Mehanazuddin Rupom Watch the recording here
  • Tues 22nd Sept What to look for when reviewing a Project Finance Model”
    VIRTUAL MEETUP:  Hedieh Kianyfard, Watch the recording here
  • Tues 14th Sept  “Financial Modeling World Cup Exhibition Round”
    VIRTUAL COMPETITION: Andrew Grigolyunovich, Watch the recording here
  • Wed 9th Sept  “FMI Advanced Financial Modeller Exam Prep Session”
    VIRTUAL MEETUP + PANEL: Hosted by Eloise Goodwin from FMI, prep session by Danielle Stein Fairhurst, and panelists Andrew Grigolyunovich, Helen Hingley, Ellen Lim and Julian Cupillari,  Watch the recording here
  • Wed 2nd Sept Financial Modeling Podcast LIVE: The Power of Community”
    LIVE PODCAST: Matthew Bernath, Tea Kuseva and Jordan Goldmeier Watch the recording here
  • Wed 26th Aug  “Numbers Versus Message” Which aspect should you focus on when presenting financial information?
    VIRTUAL DEBATE: Lance Rubin and Kat Greenbrook, Watch the recording here
  • Wed 19th Aug,  “How to Create a Pitch Deck for Investors/Clients (supported by a financial model)”
    VIRTUAL MEETUP: Tim Vipond, Watch the recording here
  • Wed 5th Aug,  “An Introduction to Forecasting Real Estate Income in Excel”
    VIRTUAL MEETUP: Natalie Bayfield, Watch the recording here
  • Wed 22nd Jul,  “Dynamic Scenario Manager Powered by a Data Table” (Financial Modelling Innovation Awards Category winner)
    VIRTUAL MEETUP: Thomas Paul, Watch the recording here
  • Wed 15th Jul, “Predictive Analytics In Microsoft Excel (Forecasting & Regression)”
    VIRTUAL MEETUP: Rahim Zulfiqar Ali, Watch the recording here
  • Wed 1st Jul, “Career Strategies for getting the best financial modelling and analyst roles”
    VIRTUAL MEETUP: Dick Lam Watch the recording here
  • Tues 23rd Jun  “Speed up your reporting processes with Advanced Filters and VBA”
    VIRTUAL MEETUP: Celia Alves Watch the recording here
  • Wed 27th May “Supercharge your Excel and make your financial model run like a race car”
    VIRTUAL MEETUP: Jonathon Power Watch the recording here
  • Wed 20th May “Stepping into the Future of Excel”
    VIRTUAL MEETUP: Oz Du Soleil Watch the recording here
  • Wed 20th May “Introduction to Dashboard Reporting in Modern Excel”
    VIRTUAL MEETUP: Danielle Stein Fairhurst Watch the recording here
  • Wed 13th May “Can we build a financial model in 20 minutes?”
    VIRTUAL MEETUP: Kenny Whitelaw-Jones Watch the recording here
  • Wed, 6th May  “Excel Dashboards: Tracking a Crisis”
    VIRTUAL DISCUSSION GROUP: Marcus Small Watch the recording here
  • Wed, 29th Apr “Excel vs Google Sheets for Remote Working Features”,
    VIRTUAL MEETUP: David Benaim Watch the recording here
  • Wed, 22nd Apr  “How to build a P&L with Power BI”,
    VIRTUAL MEETUP: Matt Allington Watch the recording here
  • Wed, 15th Apr “The Three most useful Functions in Excel”
    VIRTUAL MEETUP: Alan Murray Watch the recording here
  • Tues 7th Apr “Webinar with Chandoo: Getting started with Dynamic Array functions in Excel”
    SPECIAL EVENT WEBINAR: Watch the recording here
  • Melbourne, Wed 1 Apr “How to create more value with your Financial Models” Rhondalynn Korolak
    VIRTUAL MEETUPWatch the recording here
  • Sydney, Mon 30th Mar “Building a Financial Model with New Dynamic Array Functions” Jeff Robson
    VIRTUAL MEETUPWatch the recording here
  • Fri 27th Mar “Modelling for COVID-19 Uncertainty” Lance Rubin
    SPECIAL EVENT WEBINAR: Watch the recording here
  • Brisbane, Wed 25 Mar “Modelling with Power Query” Gilbert Quevauvilliers
    VIRTUAL MEETUPWatch the recording here
  • Sydney, Wed 11 Mar “Calculator to Leader: Making the move to Finance Business Partner” Andrew Jepson Watch the video here

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The meetups vary from location to location in terms of size, cost (if any) and venue. Please click on the links above for more information and to RSVP to the Meetup.  Even if you are unable to make that date, then still join the group and you’ll be advised of upcoming meetups in your area.  If you can’t make any of these dates, or there is a not a meetup scheduled in your area, then please register your interest below so that we can let you know of other dates and locations.  If we receive enough interest in starting a meetup group, dates will be confirmed and a venue advised.

Can’t see your area listed above? Positions are open for organisers in other areas, so if you are interested in hosting or organising a meetup near you, then please let us know and we’d love to help you organise and promote it.

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