Some of you will know that ever since Indian Excel guru and blogging sensation Chandoo visited Australia in 2012 to run his extremely popular Advanced Excel and Dashboard courses, I’ve been trying to convince him to come back Down Under and run another series.  We are hoping that he’ll find time to make another visit in 2015 and we’ll certainly keep you posted and hope to announce it soon.  He hasn’t agreed to come just yet, but as we were chatting last week, he did talk me to into joining

him for a podcast interview early the very next morning!

In the podcast we chat about my work and the new edition of Using Excel for Business Analysis that I’m currently working on.  Finally we get around to the topic of the day, which is 6 Tips for Best Practice Modelling (or Modeling as they call it!):

  1. Write consistent formulas
  2. Avoid hard-coding, link instead
  3. Smart referencing, only enter values once
  4. Ditch the bad habits
  5. Document assumptions
  6. Formatting & labelling

At the link, you’ll also find lots of resources for learning more, links to other materials, and a download sample Excel file of the tools and techniques that were discussed in the podcast.  Download the podcast.  Read the transcript.