I’m on the road again! I’ve just landed in Muscat, Oman and tomorrow inshallah we kick off a three day in-house course here on “Data Visualisation & Dashboards in Modern Excel”.

Of course, “Modern Excel” refers to any version of Excel released from Excel 2010 onward when it introduced those FABULOUS new tools such as Power Pivot, Power Query and Power BI and we’ve never looked back.

I’ve been running dashboards and data analysis in Excel courses since even before Excel 2010 was first released but boy have we seen some changes since then. Would you like a sneak peek preview of what we’ll be covering this week?

  • Collecting, cleaning and preparing data (hint: we’ll be using lots of Power Query)
  • Deciding which software to use to build your dashboard (Excel, Excel or Excel?) By which I mean plain vanilla Excel, Excel with PowerQuery or Power BI.
  • Choosing the right formula (simple is best and dynamic arrays are the bees knees)
  • Interpreting your data and giving it meaning (harness the power of AI for sure but make sure you know your stuff)
  • Dos and don’t for visual design (do use company colours and don’t stick a logo in prime position)

There are tonnes of tools out there that you can use to analyse and visualise data but IMO Excel is by far the most accessible tool and I honestly believe that improving these skills is one of the BEST things you can do for your career!

PS – photo is from a previous trip, obviously. I do not look quite so pleased with myself after a 16 hour flight.

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