Traditional management accounting has always had its challenges and the COVID pandemic has made its shortfalls even more apparent. We find ourselves with forecasts and budgets that were not realistic, and we have learnt that organisations must be agile to survive.


In 2017, the London chapter of the FP&A Board developed a “Maturity Model for FP&A” as a way for companies to define their goals, and then to plot a journey towards world class FP&A. Since then, the model has been enhanced by work across other chapters and many professionals across the 27 cities where the Board operates, with three chapters in Australia.

Hear from FP&A practitioners Larysa Melnychuk, Hans Gobin and David West as they discuss this model, give practical examples and case studies of advanced FP&A teams, and give options for each attendee to consider when planning their own FP&A journey.

The presenters are working on a global research paper on the Maturity Model, with some of the most advanced practitioners and thought leaders on FP&A, and will be able to share early insights from this work in the presentation.

Here are a few of the links that were mentioned during the session;

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