At the recent Financial Modelling Summit, Danielle Stein Fairhurst hosted a panel discussion on the important topic of “Women in Financial Modelling” with ModelOff Champion Hilary Smart, top ranking FMWC competitor Stephanie Annerose and Partner at Mazars Rickard Warnelid. Not only are the financial modelling and Excel competitions still lacking in female competitors and champions, but there’s a shortage of female senior leaders in many companies, particular in the modelling space. The panelists discussed the current state of the industry, and what their various organisations are doing to attract more women to roles in their companies. According to the 2021 Global Financial Modelling Professional Survey, there is a material gender pay gap which increases with level of experience.  It was agreed that family responsibilities and the tendency for women to take a backseat role seem to be contributors to why we see fewer female speakers and high-profile women in leadership positions, and this is unlikely to change without individual company and government support. The panel concluded with women to be more vocal and for men to do what they can to support women to have a voice.


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